Guys, another peeing question (TMI and film spoiler!)

The other pee thread reminded me of the end of Gattacca where the hero of the story’s identity is uncovered when he pees using the “wrong” hand, his doctor mentioning that if you’re right handed you hold it with the right hand.

Strange methinks, I’m right handed but I hold mine with my left hand for peeing. Anyone else do this? (With their own hand and penis obviously)

Yes, but in reverse.

I hold my right penis in my right hand and the left one in the left. I have no idea what people do if they only have one penis.

Hubby is right handed, thinking about it he says he’d use his right hand instinctively. But that’s the hand he hits me with when I’m being cheeky, so I guess he switches as the need arises.

Mine’s trained. I just unzip and he pops out and pees. Still haven’t got it trained to shake itself yet.

I’m right handed and hold with the left. I can switch hit if I need to though.

I really can’t do much of anything with my left hand. Useless.

Unzip with the right, hold with the left. No other way to do it. See the other thread for my right hand’s later activities.

You need to work on your kegels. In time – a few months maybe, give or take – you’ll be able to do puppet shows.

So you’re ambiphallic?

Subject: Ataulfo mango (Mangifera indica L.)
Appearance: Yellow peel and flesh; oblong, roughly hand-sized.
Smell: Flesh smells mild, almost bland. Rind smells like highly concentrated, potentially corrosive industrial citrus cleaner when peeled. Do not, under any circumstances, snort.
Texture: Creamy
Taste: Exceptionally sweet with sour overtones.
Bottom line: Them’s some good eatin’, but do not leave the rind lying around, as the scent may cause passersby to call in a potential terrorist chemical attack.

Wrong thread, perchance?


Uh … wrong thread. Mods, please delete.

And yet, so right.

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I’m a righty and I hold with righty. Lefty can, and does, step up to the plate when need be.

That is what I do as well.

Righ-handed, left (because I hold my pants up with the right hand…)

Right-handed, right-holder. Left, it depends: holding up pants, scratching, on the phone (only at home), doing nothing – sometimes all in the same trip.