Guys, are you not feeling fresh down there?

Then this is the product for you.

As the Man Junk website explains, “Any product that’s made to clean your neck, back, buttocks or legs isn’t going to provide the specific levels of odor fighting and skin treatment that Man Junk does.”

As one of the commenters at the link says, if the same thing you use to clean your ASS, isn’t strong enough for your balls, you may need to speak with a medical professional.

two words. Shower to shower.

It’s organic? How the hell is that going to be strong enough for my junk?

I’ll stick with Gold Bond Medicated, thanks.

Just don’t leave it too near the Comet. :eek:

I read this using Fred Sanford’s voice.

Then run out and get you some Anti Monkey Butt Powder. For those days that you have monkey ass.

Off to MPSIMS.

Gold Bond Medicated Powder is at once the four funniest words in the English language and truly a man’s best friend.

Seriously. Just go look a fella in the eye and intone “Gold Bond Medicated Powder.” See if he doesn’t laugh reflexively. Go on, do it. No, do it.

I guess the “feminine odor” market has reached saturation point, and they now need to target non-existent problems in men too.

Exactly. Plain old soap and water works for me. Maybe my naughty bits aren’t manly enough.

Well, you can only give the women so many infections, you know.

I liked this comment from that site:


I just rinse thoroughly with gasoline 2-3 times a day as needed.

I clicked on this to reply seriously…

I just got back from running and my balls reek…:dubious: