Guys: How pregnant is your beergut?

I’ve gained a few pounds back in the last 6 months of working hard, hardly working-out, and eating poorly.

Wifecat told me she thought my beergut was, ahem, “Cute; it looks like you’re about 4 months pregnant- you know, there but with the right clothes you can’t really tell.”

Which of course means I am now on a diet and have started boxing again.


I’m at least 6 months along.

I’ve gone from overdue to 8 months along.

The Quads are doing fine, thank you. Near full term, too!

'bout three months. Still enough time to not make it hard myself.

Well, being very unfamilar with what the stages of pregnancy look like, I would be at whatever month the average woman just starts to show. I can easily hide it with any non-tight shirt, but get that shirt off, and there is a definite curve.

Though, because of that, I ahve started running again, hopefully I can get rid of it.

bouv, probably 3 to 4 months.

It’s not a beer gut per se, but about 6-7 months since you ask.

Likewise, not beer induced, just two months of not working and spending way to many hours at the computer… But it’s only 3-4 months along and should start regressing now that I’ve started walking every day and cutting back on dinner portions… Or at least stop growing… Frigging unemployment… Fracking exercise… This is why I prefer having a job that keeps me physically active.

Nice timing on the OP Tomcat. Just last week Mrs. Stone patted my belly and commented that my vascetomy may keep her from getting pregnant but apparently it didn’t keep me from getting in the family way.

Ouch! That seems to sting a bit more than what I heard…

My quintuplets have gone from 9 months to 6 months, and I think 3 of them have decamped for greener pastures. If I can get down to 4 months twins I’ll be happy. :smiley:

I had an abortion at 4 months in January. I’m no longer preggers. :smiley:

Stomach staples? :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, maybe it was more of a miscarriage. Stress-induced loss of apetite resulted in 20 pound weight loss over 4 weeks. I’ve recovered mentally and have managed to keep it off without much effort. I’m now only about 10 pounds over “ideal” weight, which is no bother to me as I have a stocky build and sink like a rock when I’m at the pool. I reckon I could lose that last 10, but I look ok now so why bother?

FTR I did have a corrective stomach surgury which made about half of my stomach unavailable thenceforth, but I realized no weight loss at all.

About 5 months, I’d say. I’ll wait to pick out names till I find out whether it’s a Lager or an Ale…

(Joke stolen from Futurama)

This makes little sense to me. Isn’t it, well, the same as my stomach staples joke?

Just curious, if you know.


I think I 'm sterile.

Hubby isn’t pregnant, he used to have six-pack abs, but, now he has a pony keg.

[hijack] I’m an idiot, so I may not understand. But the surgury I had was a fundoplication wherein the top half of the stomach is wrapped around the base of the esophagus and attached so. For the treatment of chronic reflux and injury-induced hiatal hernia. Basically, I had no working lower esphagial sphincter and even though I could reduce stomach acids with drugs, the yumyum would still flow out of my stomach if I got horizontal. It was affecting my quality of life, you see? Such procedures are sometimes expected to lead to weight loss due to restricted stomach volume, but this is not commonly the case in real life as the bag just stretches to accommodate gluttony. [/hijack]

My water just broke.