Guys: If there were a male version of Hooters, would you work there?

Picture the scene. The restaurant is called… Oh, I dunno, Cox. Its mascot is a rooster.

All of the waitstaff are male. They all wear speedos. They’re damn fine looking.

They smile and flirt with all of the female customers.

Gentlemen - would you work here? I don’t mean as management, I mean as a waiter. Would you walk around with all your assets on display? Would you mind the ogling?

Bear in mind that not evey female customer is going to be Pamela Anderson. Bear in mind that you’ll get more than your share of dowdy fiftysomethings on a Girls Night Out

Bear in mind that some patrons will want to grope you, whether you want them to or not. Bear in mind that the more you smile and flirt, the more you’ll make in tips.

And finally, bear in mind that your all-female management might strongly suggest that you throw yourselves at the customers.


Sounds like a dream job to me =)

Since I only have approximately one 5 minute period a week in which I feel cheerful and perky and “flirty” to complete strangers, I would have to say no.

However, if it suits your personality, go for it. Even though I wouldn’t do it myself, you won’t hear me complaining that anyone’s being exploited for choosing to work there.

same as troub - no. but only because i lack the extroverted perky personality.

If i had it, and i was good lookin’ then yeah why not :slight_smile:

“Foot-longs, get yer foot-long hotdogs here, Ladies” sure, 15 years and 30 pounds ago, while still in college, that would have been a job I would have considered since I had a thing for older (30-somethings) women back then and if I could make $100-200 per night.

But, in reality, you know it would turn into a gay restaurant within about 2 hours if it really opened as described by Dantheman above.

Which brings up an interesting question - do lesbians go to Hooters to ogle the waitresses? Hm.

Research must be done.

I once wrote a column about this in my college newspaper. I said that the name of the hypothetical restaurant should be Jockstraps, because the “o” and the “c” right next to each other could then be imaginatively rendered as testicles.

So the men will sport…ball cleavage?

You mean there isn’t a male version of Hooters? What about Home Depot?

I don’t have the personality to wait tables. If I did and I had the body…actually I wouldn’t work there anyway. I’d be a stripper instead. More money and less work.

Bwahaha! Funniest thing I’ve read for a while!

I reckon the guys would have to be well-defined in order to get good tips :wink:

You’re trying to make me say no aren’t you!

Home Depot? You’re nuts. No pun intended. You see Chippendales dancers there? Seriously? :slight_smile: All I ever see are 400-pound, ass-crack-showing Tank McNameras.

I guess I’m just trying to see if being a waiter at this fictional place would be as humiliating or denigrating to males as Hooters is to some females.

How about naming it “Hoses”, you could have a picture of a fire hydrant and a hose.

I thought there was a place like that called Peckers, I believe. I do not have time to check 'cause I need to leave soon. Also, if I was with a woman who wanted to go I do not think I would have a problem with it, as long as the atmosphere of the place was pretty much like Hooters.

Sure I’d work at a place like that, if I was able to physically suit their image. Unfortunately I’m anything but buff- I have a very embarassingly proportioned torso and no idea how this happened: I’m fairly skinny but I have a bit of a belly. So if I’m not wearing a shirt my ribs are visible and my gut sticks out. Like all the fat in my upper torso was crammed down or something. I don’t mind the fat I have on my body, I just wish it was a little more evenly distributed

If I had the body I would have done this in university in a heartbeat. It’s great money, and I see no shame in showing off your bod.

Trading your looks for money isn’t any worse than trading your intelligence for money - it’s just a different part of your body - but I don’t see anyone saying that working as a nuclear physicist lacks “dignity.”

Will someone open the damn restaurant already! Us ladies are getting REAL hungry…

Sample menu:
Cucumber salad

Eh, ran out of ideas…

Prime rump steak :wink:

How about the specialty drink of martinis with two olives?

If I had the body, and could make a good living, I’d at least try it.