Hooters Girls

I was at Hooters ealier tonight :stuck_out_tongue: , and I have a question for the enlightened masses. Despite intense study, my friend and I have been unable to determine whether the girls wear underwear. our only conclusion is that they must be wearing thongs, but that would be seemingly uncomfortable for the long shifts (but highly enjoyable for us!!!

Anyone in the know, feel free to respond!

I think here in Michigan they wear thongs in the summer. In the fall, they wear nylons under their shorts. In the winter, they wear sweats. No joke.

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Thongs aren’t uncomfortable for long shifts.

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It has always seemed to me that nylon hose is a required part of the uniform. Whatever they wear, it is a given that the surface in question will receive close scrutiny and so care is taken to avoid “panty lines”.
Laughable as it may sound to the uninitiated, the Hooters name stands for cleanliness, good grooming, and even a dose of genuine middle-American class on the part of the tasty babes they hire as waitresses. A girl who showed up for her shift without underwear would undoubtedly be given her walking papers.

RTA: I agree. Every Hooters restaurant I’ve been to has been staffed by good, pleasant people, and the food has been great. The places are clean and comfortable. Sure, the name gets attention. But good food & good service (and the pretty girls, too) keep the patrons coming back.

“The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his ribcage.” --anonymous redhead

LOL. Thongs uncomfortable in long shifts. Hehehe
What do ya think chicks go around changing underwear every couple hours?

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Aren’t thongs and “long shifts” mutually exclusive?

It’s obvious someone has to step forward to clear up the confusion. I therefore volunteer my services as a professional Hooter Girls panties inspector.

And I shall unabashedly provide the long shaft… er, shift.

::Crawls back under the rock::

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Just ask one of the Hooter’s girls next time. I think the food is awful there.

V. Secrets has come out with a new pantyhose/panty combination that has absolutely no lines. That could be it…

Its a one piece integrated construction.

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thread that binds them is mine own.”

I asked before.

Some of its a Victorias secret thing, the rest are thongs.

So that settles that.


They probably want customers to use their imagination. That’s more fun.

They don’t? ::ducking::

Leave it to Handy to know what’s new in the Victoria’s Secret catalog…

“You both can suck my used tampons, you goat-raping, rat-stuffing inbred sons of a syphillitic gutterslut and a one-eyed midget named “Klaus”.”

It doesn’t take much to turn on handy. I can see him now…
“Yeah, hon. When I get home I’d like you to be in bed wearing only that piece of lingerie I love so much.”
“Which one?”
“You know. The one-piec integrated construction thingie…”

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ChiefScott, I just chanced upon the story of those things on a morning newsprogram.

Would it turn you on wondering how deaf people have sex when zee lights are off? Ya know, can’t see what the girl is saying…Hmm

I went to the source, pointed a friendly Hooters Girl to this thread, and this is her response:

Well, there it is, Folks.



You HAD to know she’d be named Heather, didn’t you?

Ok, I was a bit deceptive in my last post.

I’m really not the studly model of a man you believe me to be. I rarely engage Hooters Girls in internet conversations, though I have, on occasion, asked them about the nature of their undergarments.

That being said, Heather is a real Hooters Girl. She really did send me that email. She is also ( ::hangs head in shame:: ) my cousin.

Be gentle, please.


But was she interested in my offer? Tell her I’m flexible on hours and will throw in bra inspections for free.