Gym question - Ladies, does it matter what guys wear to the gym?

There have been a number of gym/workout related threads recently.

My question ( as a single guy) is:

  1. Ladies, does it matter what a guy wears to the gym if we are just working out (not taking a class)?
  2. Does it matter what a guy wears to a class? (pilates, powerflex, spinning, yoga, etc,)
  3. Can you suggest what we males should wear (brand name, type of clothing, etc.)



p.s. Can we please skip the (disgusting guy/fat guy/hairy guy) stories?. I want to know what you want to see guys who are gym regulars wearing, that looks good and makes you go, “Nice!”

It doesn’t matter to me at all what men or women wear to the gym. I usually just wear an old t-shirt or tank and a pair of leggings or shorts.

Mostly on men it’s not the clothes that would make me take a second look, it’s the guy wearing them. Usually he’s got normal gym attire on - a t-shirt and a pair of gym shorts. I can’t say I’ve ever noticed a brand name on anyone in the gym. I really don’t look at people that closely.

I can honestly say I don’t get the whole loose/string-like muscle shirts and baggie pants. It’s just so weird. There are at least a couple of regulars that go to my gym the same time of day I do that wear those things.

I’d assume it would matter more for a class. Nothing too loose for spinning, yoga, or pilates, I guess.

As long as it falls under the heading of normal gym attire you’re probably fine. Also, no unintentional exposure, such as plumber butt. As always, t-shirts say a lot about you. The one commemorating your service project with Habitat for Humanity will attract a different girl than the Harley Davidson tee will.

For the love of all that is holy, no shorts tight enough to reveal the details of your tackle. It’s not sexy. It’s anti-sexy. If you prefer the fit of tight shorts, wear a jock strap or tighty whiteys underneath, please.

This Crime of Fashion is, in my experience, usually perpetrated by guys wearing muscle shirts. Muscle shirts have not been in fashion for 30 years and they were ugly then. A normal T-shirt or tank looks much, much, much, much, much better.