Ha Ha Ha! Stupid protesters!


Seriously! You are a US Congress person, and you think getting arrested in the US for civil disobedience is the best avenue to provide support in Darfur???

Why stop there? Why not a hunger strike! Maybe a email chain letter? How about a sit in at the local Denny’s?

God forbid bringing the power vested in you by your constituents to bear in a constructive manner! :rolleyes:

Obama’s a Muslim.

Well, it got you to take notice. And maybe it will get more people to notice. I’m not sure I that I would rather have had them making canned statements about budget overruns rather than getting publicity about an ongoing genocide.

Do you think this would have been big news if it was a bunch of college kids getting arrested?

Perhaps they think that they would not have much luck introducing a bill about Darfur. I happen to agree.

It doesn’t sound like the Sudanese government wants support for its people. How horrible that he tried to find a peaceful solution to this issue.

Obama wears muslin?

Only since he stopped worshiping Satin.

And clearly, these are all mutually exclusive acts. If one gets arrested for civil disobedience for a particular cause, one cannot also use one’s position in Congress to enact legislature for that same cause. It’s a basic law of nature, like the conservation of momentum.

What’s all this about the conservation of Muslims?

I assume you feel the same way about the politicians who attended tea parties?

ha ha ha!
This’ll be a great excuse to take guns away from Republicans.

They should have thrown tea-bags at the embassy. That would have shown them, but good.

Careful, that embassy has the ability to secede, and transform into five embassies!

Blackwater had a plan to pacify the genocide in Darfur like two years ago. They presented the proposal but the UN shot it down. Apparently it’s worse to pay Mercenaries to stop genocide than it is to allow a genocide to continue unabated.

The bottom line is no one gives a shit about Darfur, probably not even you.

Or possibly they thought Blackwater’s plan was a bad idea. Or possibly none of that actually happened. Got a cite?

Well, the problem is that you have to kill people to stop determined genocide. Sure, they’re the bad people, but still, it’s hard to get people motivated to “stop the killing” of some people by starting the killing of other people.

Or possibly the UN has no mechanism to hire a private army if its member states decline to contribute troops.

Too bad, really. Be interesting to see the Blackwater plan to arrest Bush, Cheney, et al, for violations of inernational laws on aggressive wars and use of torture.

I don’t believe for a second that Blackwater could have stopped the genocide, and even if they could have (which they couldn’t have), Blackwater is no better than those committing the genocide anyway. Why pay to replace one band of unaccountable, murderous psychopaths with another?

That’s an easy one… casualty statistics. Nobody has to worry about the numbers of their brave boys being killed in foreign lands. And don’t you get the being unaccountable is a huge benefit to everyone (except the natives of darfur)? How many reporters are going to want to be embedded with mercs? Plus, the mercs can tell them to fuck off anyway.

The math is simple. The more people they kill, the more food there is left to spread around among the survivors.

Hey, this is GREAT! It takes away attention from the fact that the GOP stripped money meant for pandemic preparation out of the Stimulus Bill, and that even with a possible flu epidemic on the horizon, they’re filibustering the Health and Human Services nominee because she’s pro-choice.

Oh yeah, and that whole torture thing too. Man, what a gift to be dropped into the laps of the right. They ought to give those guys cookies.