Had a senior moment today and it almost made me cry

How are you for tape measures? Every time I order yarn on line I add a couple of tape measures. There are probably 20 or more in my house. I have one that lives on the table next to my chair and most of the time it’s the only one I can find. When the cat knocks it to the floor and it goes into hiding, I do a search…

Cheap snap knives for me. I like to use them to slice shrink wrap and get those damn blister packs open. They’re kept in a coffee mug and as I carry them off, they diminish in number until I go on a knife hunt and bump them up to a dozen or so, again.

When I can’t find a dozen, it’s another trip to Harbor Freight to buy another handful. I think I’ve snapped the tip off for a fresh point maybe two times. They’re kind of like ball point pens that way – lost long before they’re out of ink.

Yes! Those as well. And there are more scissors, tape measures, and seam rippers down by the sewing machine, because you can never find those when you need them.

I finally bought an unholy amount of seam rippers, because apparently when I bring one into the house, it is already plotting its escape back into the wild!


… along with all the reading glasses and fingernail clippers.

How senior are you? Also, you ARE going to tell us about popping the zit, aren’t you?

And staplers. Housemate and I searched the house for half an hour Friday looking for one. Gave up, used a paper clip. Not as good, but adequate. We two adults blamed the middle schooler that lives here since she was out of ear shot. Heaven only knows what she blames on us. No doubt best not to know.

Guilty, so ridiculous and ever try to enlarge labels on bottles likes it’s a touch screen. :wave:t2:

The fine print on labels is a plot, I tell you!

Just the other day, I begged Mr VOW for a magnifying glass. The SNEAK took a picture of the label and then I could enlarge it.

It was such a good idea, WHY didn’t I think of that?



Staplers run away from home with the staple removers!


I can get a staple removed with the tip of a paring knife (as long as I have a box of bandaids nearby and I can swear loudly a lot).

Yet to find a suave substitute for a stapler. A bobby pin is not the best look for a multi page job application.

But yup, my staple removers run away with the staplers, just like :musical_note:the dish ran away with the spoon​:notes:.

Once drove thirty miles in the wrong direction, on “autopolit,” so to speak. Didn’t think, just hopped in the car and started driving. Hit Alpine (CA) and frowned. This ain’t the way to L.A…

Love ya all. You’ve made me feel a lot better.

I actually have a “reading glasses” app on my phone for just this purpose (reading fine print). Since my cataract surgery has set my eyes for distance and intermediate, it’s tough to read small print. Better lighting helps, but not always enough. The phone app both enlarges and illuminates stuff though it is tough to get it pointed the right angle.

One of the many reasons I prefer an ereader to a regular book is because I can tweak the backlighting and/or the font to accommodate. There was one time when I was reading a dead-tree book, and tried to advance to the next page, and was briefly stumped when swiping my finger across the page did not work :D.

A few times a year I freak out because I’m certain I’ve left my car keys at home. Then I realize I’m currently driving, and the keys are in the ignition.

I did that around 20 years ago when I thought I’d bypass both DC and 81 going south by taking 15 in between them, but even though I was aiming for I-95, I eventually hit an entrance ramp to 81 without noticing I’d taken any wrong turn. But at least I was only going orthogonal to my intended direction instead of opposite.

That’s a pretty good trick considering the only place 15 intersects 81 is near Harrisburg!! And the only place it intersects 95 is somewhere in South Carolina. My guess is you got on I-64 meaning to go east, but went west.