Had a senior moment today and it almost made me cry

Well… at the end of the day, but at least I don’t pull over and check right then.

Was at a self-serve car wash, and my phone was banging around the pockets of my loose pants, so I thought, “I’ll just lay it down here next to the meter with my extra quarters, no way I’ll forget it.”

Guess what I walked off and forgot 6 minutes later, along with the extra quarters.

One of the comic strips I read on gocomics.com is Chris Browne’s Raising Duncan. One day the husband asked his wife where something was. She walked over and found it right away. “But I’ve looked on every shelf of the refrigerator!”, he said. She sweetly said, “Of course you did, dear, but you were looking with man eyes.”

My wife rolls her eyes when I use that phrase now, but you know it’s true. And you know the best way to find something you’ve been looking for, for days, is to buy a new one.

I think my senior moments started a couple years ago when I wore slippers to work. Thankfully, they weren’t my bunny slippers and my patients had a good sense of humor about it.

Not long after that, I took a nap one day after work and didn’t wake up till 7:30. Egad, I’m going to be late for work!

I took a quick shower, dressed (no bunny slippers) and sped to the office. It was eerie though, the sky was getting darker, not lighter. Did I miss news of a solar eclipse???

When I got to the office, no one else was there and it was pitch black outside. What the @&$%??? Did I miss news of a thermonuclear war that killed everyone but me and blotted out the sun in fallout???

…no, I just mixed up AM and PM. Turns out I only napped 2 hours, not 14…

Nowadays, every time I enter Publix grocery store to shop, I get this sinking feeling that I forgot to put my pants on (it’s Florida, I always wear shorts). Thankfully so far, when I sheepishly look down, I see that my pants (i.e. “trousers” for you Brits) are indeed on. Ah, relax…but, I just know, one of these days, they won’t be on and I’m gonna have a lot of [Ricky Ricardo] ‘splainin’ to do [/Ricky Ricardo].

Didja ever forget your kid’s name? I did! Hey…uh…you…you better clean your room!

And, I’m embarrassed to say how many times I’ve looked all over the house for my glasses, only to find them in front of my eyes.

Since I keep the cordless phone extension (yes, I have a land line) on the end table next to the couch, about once a week I either try to answer the TV remote, (also on the table) or change the TV channel with the phone. If I move either one I end up looking all over for it.

You will also appreciate how patient your true friends could be. Once during a high school class barbecue I raised a fuss as to who took the tongs. Spent several seconds looking and swearing about it when a buddy very softly said, “There, you’re holding it.”

Yes, but were you a senior at the time? :wink:

I did a similar thing but I was about 22 years old at the time. In my defense I will say that it was that time of year when the outside brightness on a cloudy day is about the same at 5 am as it is at 5 pm. And being cloudy it was impossible to tell which direction the sun’s light was coming from.

Got out of bed, threw on some clothes and raced to work. I was surprised there was little traffic on what should have been a very busy road at 5 pm. Got to work and there were barely any cars in the parking lot. Walked in the door and the overnight security guy was sitting at the front desk. He asked me what I was doing there at 5 am!

Bless your heart.

Hmm…I guess that’s another senior moment realization: repeating oneself.

You think that’s bad? Sometimes I’ll be on my phone doing something, and think “This is boring. Where’s my phone?”