Haiku Madness - Even More Madness

I knew we need more
Haikus than we had before
So here we go now.

Oh, I love haiku!
the best kind of poetry
grateful for this thread

Haiku are pleasing
When typing with fat, stubby
Fingers on the phone.

One can write haiku
a lot of different ways
delightfully brief

5 syllables, +
7 more, + 5 =
17. I smrt!

Dogs writing haiku?
hmm, well, I don’t see why not;
where are the cats, though?

Cats can’t write haiku–
only sixteen toes. Four toes,
four paws (bogus fact).

Meow yow-yow, yow
Mreep? Wacka wacka, ungow
Hrup-hrup-hrup-ekk [splat].

I stand corrected:
Cats can write haiku, but they’re
all about hairballs.

Most cats I have known
could, I suspect, write haiku
more eruditely.

Garfield’s brief haiku:
The mouses I don’t bother
Bring me lasagna.

Cats narrate haiku
in their mother tongue. It is
for us to translate.

So this is that and
That is that and that is how
You ad-dress a cat!

Now I wonder if
stoats like Japanese poems
written in this form?

Japanese poems:
Not likely to be found in
my fortune cookie.

My fortune cookie
Is choc’late chip and raisin.
With a honey glaze.

What is a Haiku?
Sterile, smut-free limerick
All reason, no rhyme

Now is the time for
All quick brown foxes to fling
J D Pike my box

Does anyone really
Understand the true nature of
The haiku’s structure?

Prof., it is simply
five, seven, five syllables;
concise, elegant