Can you haiku?

No haikus of late
What is missing from my life?
Not Sarah Palin

I cannot haiku
perhaps instructions would help
those who do not know

A new haiku thread!
Our Straight Dope circle of life
The mods are Nazis

I regret to say
That no matter how I try
I cannot haiku

Instructions you say?
That’s easy…five seven five
Now get to it, git!

Only four p.m.?
But I want to go home now!
I hear cookies call.

This Wednesday will see
The LHC come online
Oh fuck, a black hole!

Seasons out of time;
Haiku bloom upon the Dope
As leaves don bright shrouds.

Alone in office
Time passes very slowly
Straight Dope and eBay

Last night on LJ
I saw many cat haikus
almost made a thread

But no need to post
Saw Twicks post this thread today
great minds think alike

Man those suck muchly
Not very good at haikus
also my head hurts

I can haz haiku
I can haiku like LOL Cat
I can haiku dumb

My rhyming is poor
Thus, masquerading as prose
Haiku hides my shame

Five-seven-five is so old.
Something different calls:
Give reverse haiku a try.

Hey, there’s an actual haiku in here! Well done. :slight_smile:

Just watched Spider-man
With responsibility
Comes great sacrifice

mattress on the floor,
it’s so broke twenty-something
I am! and lazy…

Not Safe For Work thread
Unexpected tumescence
Give some Dopers pause

Not good at haiku.
Really. Not good at haiku.
Help me improve, please!

Laundry is washing
Water pressure is too low
Dishes are waiting

Actual haiku
Appears unexpectedly
But not in your post