Haiku Madness Part Deux

Baseball for Dummies
A book of instructions for
those who do not know.

Those who do not know
Jack are ruining it for
Those of us who do

Those of us who do
do do, don’t do the do with
Those who don’t do do

Those who don’t do, do
Nothing, maybe? Maybe not;
May do different things.

(well, I pronounce different with two syllables. Maybe you do diff er ent things.)


May do different things
Than April do. June do not
Do that other thing .

Do that other thing
You did before, Baby, and
Do it just like that.

Do it just like that
but please not some otherways
that would be kinky

That would be kinky
If my favorite spring toy
Got bent – poor Slinky.

Got bent, poor Slinky
His recovery will be
One step at a time

One step at a time,
Jesus. What?! You crippled me?!
OK, one day then.

OK, one day then.
We’ll see about the next day
When we get to it.

When we get to it:
Early version of catchphrase
Get a round tuit.

Get a round tuit
And get it squared away or
It might go pear-shaped.

It might go pear-shaped
which is a weird thing to be
except for a pear.

Except for a pear
there was nothing there to eat.
And she was a cat!

And she was a cat,
Then, suddenly, she was there:
Prof. McGonagall!

Prof. McGonagall
Is Prof. McGoogle for me
(no Harry P. fan)

No Harry P. fan,
I’m a Harry PP fan.
No razors down south.

no razors down south
Everybody has long, thick, full beards
Hairy conditions.