Hailstorm-Holy Crap!

We’re getting pummelled. There are chunks of ice that are 1/2 to one inch pounding down here in Northern Virginia for about the past half hour. I have never ever seen anything like it. I’m not sure if I should take cover or even what to do.


And yay for me for figuring out youtube.

Gather up some hailstones and use them when preparing favorite mixed drink (margarita? gin & tonic?).

So, all hail is breaking loose?

If there’s a plague of locusts tomorrow, you may be onto something.

We had something similar several years ago. The REALLY BIG HAIL only lasted for a minute or so. The amount of damage it did was truly amazing; I’d say at least half the town had to replace roofs & siding.

Personally, we had our roof replaced, several areas of siding, and about $4K worth of damage to our car (which we didn’t fix, it was an older car, we could live with the cosmetic damage). All told, probably close to $50K worth of damage. I now have an increased appreciation for homeowner’s insurance.

When I was a kid, after a really heavy hailfall, we made a hailman. :slight_smile:

I am convinced that heavy hail is the absolute thuggery of weather with tornadoes coming in second place. I was working in a grocery store in high school when truly dangerous hail started to fall. We had to lock the doors and prevent people inside from leaving for their own safety. A few people fought it but it was a life and death matter because it was the largest hail I have ever seen at about baseball to softball sized that destroyed most vehicles in the parking lot.

Oddly enough, my own vehicle was one of the few ones that was completely spared but most vehicles had at least some glass shattered and big dents in the panels. It would have severely injured or killed anyone that caught one of those ice rocks to the head instantly. The car dealership down the street lost almost all of their inventory.

After it was all over, we went outside to find the largest hail that we could find because it was a truly impressive demonstration in an area where it isn’t rare. I found one that was over softball sized just laying in the grass and put it in the ice-cream freezer for a couple of years in case people wanted to marvel over it and many people did.

Just a couple of weeks ago, my cousin lost a car to hail damage in the Fort Worth, Texas area. It was a complete loss and I believe that the existence of such a thing is great evidence that nature hates us all.

I think it is ironic that northerners get annoying snow during the winter when it is really cold but Southerners get giant killer iceballs falling from the sky during the warm months.