holy shit!!! ping-pong sized hail outside!

Thank GOD that my car is covered and under a carport.

Sucks that my neighbor/boss is driving around in his convertible right now.

And hope to fuck that I dont lose a window!

ducks and covers

So, uh, where are you?

:peeks out: Florida. 60+ mph winds. Thunderstorm, no mention of tornadic activity, but um, seems like tornadoes, huh?

This is a first in my year and a half in Florida.

:hides again:

Why Dracona!
I’m suprised at you!
Don’t you know that every time it hails, it’s just the Angels sh#tting?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

oh, haha … that actually was the train!

Is there any brimstone?
Call me when theres brimstone.


well they should be done in about 12 minutes, according to the interweb.

looks like it passed. i don’t see any local damage and it looks like we were tornado free.

Thank you guys for making this storm a funny and entertaining experience!

It hailed like that here in Kansas City a month or so ago. It happened on a night that I’d taken an Ambien, but hadn’t gone to bed yet. I ended up going outside in my pajamas, my rain boots, and a hoodie, then collected the largest hailstones I could find and took several dozen pictures of them with my dad’s digital camera. The next morning I had some nice bruises from hailstone hits and barely any memory of the hailstorm.

I don’t take Ambien anymore.

You were on your computer during a hailstorm? Maybe I’m paranoid, but mine goes off at the first hint of thunder or anything else stormlike.

The last time I saw hail it wasn’t very big (maybe marble-sized), but I was caught out in my car during it. Scary. A couple of years later a mechanic asked me if I knew about the dents on the roof of my car – had I been in a hailstorm? It took me a couple of minutes to remember that I had but not for a long time. Yep, I have some faint dents there.