Hair color disaster

NEED HELP!!! Dyed my hair tonight. The gloves broke. The dye got all over my hands and now they are black. Anyone have a clue how to remove it. Soap and water doesnt work.

Have you tried rubbing alcohol?

Didnt work :frowning: Someone helllllpppppppp!

This is going to be like that Simpsons episode where Lisa gets gum in her hair. After following the advice of many well meaning friends, she ends up with the whole salad bar in her hair.

Oh well, I suggest you try straight bleach. If no immediate lightening of the stain is noticed, quickly rinse off the bleach before you get a mild chemical skin irritation.

Try something abrasive, like the hand-cleaner mechanics use, or grainy detergent. The idea is that to get rid of the dye, you’ll have to get rid of the layer of skin it’s on. Frequent washing will work eventually, as would waiting.

A product you can buy at your local department store
might help. It is used to strip color from fabric.
Sold in the dye section. When I paint with oil base
I use turpentine on the hands, quickly washing after
with soap and water. Good Luck with it.


“Hair dye stain contact on skin, remove by adding bleach dilute with water into small dish. Dip cotton ball small amount to solution apply to stain skin area, be careful not near your eyes. Solution will remove stain instantly. Wash the area again with very mild soap and rinse well with plenty water.Following the area with facial cream or moisturizing cream to protect skin for a original healthy appearance. Next time apply heavy cream to face, ears & neck before coloring you your hair.”

you can use cigarette ashes to get rid of dye stains. It’s an old trick my hairdresser confirmed does work. Of course, you have to have ashes…

Good Luck!

try leaving your hands in a bowl of coca-cola for about 30 minutes

I hope that last one about coca cola is facetious. If not, ugh, I consume that stuff (although not right now since I gave caffeine, esp. soda, up for lent).

On a semi-related note. I have used carpet cleaners that will take out anything, and I do mean anything except coke. Again, it scares me that I willingly put this stuff into my body.

Sorry to get off topic folks.

By adding together the tip about bleach and the one about abrasives, I get Soft Scrub with Bleach…?