Hair ... not

Has anyone ever seen a person in public that used fake hair paint?
You know the add. “Just spray on your bald spot and nobody can tell you don’t have a full head of hair.”
Halloween doesn’t count. Someone not hiding a bald spot doesn’t count.
I think a little glue on the head and some cuttings from a dog would be less humiliating.

No, but I did see someone with a toupee so bad that it was not even the same color of the hair they had left. It was dark brown and then the sides were grey. I know that it’s plausible for a man to go grey on the sides but I don’t think it’s posssible for the dark hair to OVERLAP the grey like that and continue to do so around the perimiter of the head. It was exactly like that Monty Python sketch where the guy is like trapped in the department store and the three guys say “I bet you can’t tell which one of us is wearing a toupee?” and when he says “Well you all are! They’re terrible!” they gasp with shock then congratulate each other on how fabulous and undetectable their toupees are. I almost expected to see a tag sticking out of the back!

Maybe that is the point. You can’t tell if they are using GLH (Great Looking Hair)