Hair styling advice for men (well, me actually)

I have blond hair - plenty of it, but it’s quite thick and dead straight. I’ve tried having short hair and although it’s great as far as manageability goes (just wash and go) I don’t think it really suits me. Back in the 90s I had the ubiquitous long-fringe “curtains” look. That worked fine for my hair but of course rapidly went out of fashion. Since then I’ve struggled to control it. I aim for a kind of artlessly tousled look, but it very rarely works. If I don’t put any products on it, it goes madly fluffy - not a good look - unless I allow a couple of days’ grease build-up. But I don’t like the feel of gel, and in any case it never seems to work that well and my hair soon goes “flat”. I’ve tried wax, but it’s horribly sticky and greasy and tends to encourage spots on my forehead.

Anyone else got a similar problem? What products can help? Don’t get the wrong idea - I’m not especially vain :smiley:

I have thick, but wavy hair and I got sick of trying to control it.

One day I decided I’d had enough and went to the barber and asked the guy to take a #1 attachment and take all of the hair down to one length (about 1/4").

Of course, you have to ready for a BIG change.

I’ve been told that that touselled look is achieved with a product called bedhead(now i’m sure there are alternatives since bed head is ungodly expensive for a hair product. ) I myself use gel, as I wear my hair in spikes – sort of. I use laureal melting gel(love the stuff, applies like water almost), or sebastian wet gel(the stuff IS a liquid. It applies very nicely and evenly, but doesn’t hold as much weight as my melting gel and my hair is nearly 4 inches long now. )

I love Bedhead Mastermind. It’s this green, lime-scented stuff, that leaves your hair manageable, not too hard like gel, or as sticky as waxl. It has a consistency somewhat between glue and hand lotion, and goes for about $16.50 – I think it’s well worth it.

but isn’t it like a dinky 4 oz bottle?

How much of that stuff do you use a day anyway? I’ve never used em cause as a student I couldn’t justify 100-150 dollars/yr for my hair!

it takes surprisingly little to get your hair looking nice – depending on length I can use just a couple of fingertips of the stuff.

For me, a single tub of it lasts somewhere between 1-2 months, usually. And the fact that it doesn’t irritate my allergies at all is a major plus in my book.

I had the same problem as you. No product- fuzzy head. Gel- just isn’t right some how. Wax- can’t even wash that crap out. My hair has just the right amount of natural oil in it when I wake up that it looks just right. I finally found a couple of products that mimics this look in clean hair.

Try got2b playful weightless creme pomade and Sebastian Laminates Drops liquid Polish. I use one or the other depending on my hair length at the time.

Along the same lines as those who have suggested Bedhead is using Fudge (a hair product, not candy…although that could make for an intersting look…). It’s also rather expensive, but easily the best stuff I have found for styling my hair. Fudge makes a few different products, I’d say that the Hair Putty is the best, but I guess it depends on exactly what you want to do with your hair.

I say, go ask someone who works at a hair salon, and they should hopefully be able to help you out.