How does a person get rid of bed head

I get bedhead in the morning pretty bad. Combing and brushing my hair doesn’t do anything, it still flays out. The only thing that works to keep it down is taking a shower with shampoo in the morning. However I prefer to take my showers at night, not in the morning before work.

So I’m out of ideas. I’ve heard satin sheets will help prevent bedhead. I haven’t tried them, but can try that.

I’ve tried detangler spray and a comb, but that didn’t really work.

I’d like something that either prevents it or makes it easy to manage in the morning.


You can do like what black folks do and sleep with your hair wrapped. Or wear a stocking cap.

I used to have bed head all the time, but then I started wearing a head scarf at night and I don’t have that problem any more.

One of the things I learned and have found quite useful is you can use conditioner on dry hair. It works very well for fixing hair in a hurry.


Yeah spray it with water. Soak it down to the roots if you have to. Same as washing it in the shower but without having to shower.

Soak your hair with water and brush down. You can do this by using a spray bottle of water, or by pouring water over your hands and applying it to your hair.

The trick is to soak your hair and not just sprinkle it with water. If your hair is still not complying to your will, then you’re not using enough water.

Once you get your hair down, apply hair gel to the wet hair to keep it down.

I’ve tried water alone and it didn’t work. Water plus shampoo does work. I can try water plus some kind of styling gel.

Lose the Brylcream and go back to Greasy Kid Stuff.

What causes it? Hair gets bent or creased? Or is the scalp/follicle distorted on the small scale?

Shampooing at night before going to bed.

So if you have a normal shower, but don’t shampoo your hair, your hair is still impossible to style? Is it an unusual texture?

Axe Hair Pomade. I prefer the Clean Cut Look type.
It doesn’t shellac your hair, or make it ‘crispy’. I just give you a nice soft style.

Nah, mine will get bed head even if I didn’t shower the night before.

Wetting it well works, but tends to make my hair seem really greasy for some reason, even if I did shower before bed.

You need a Morning Head Hair Cap!

What do you like less, having bed head or taking a shower in the morning?

Do you go to sleep with wet hair?
If so, don’t.

If necessary, blow dry your hair before going to bed. If you’ve got short mens hair, that should take about 8 minutes.

I…a friend of mine, rather…plops a very wet wash cloth on his head while he shaves and brushed his teeth.
It makes…he says it makes his hair lie flat.

But what are the physical manifestations? As in ‘you end up with hair akimbo because it is actually folded into that shape’, or the ‘bugs get drowned in the shower and can’t hold the hair straight in the morning’ or …?

A #2 clipper will take care of that problem for you.

I shower at night (better if you have allergies) and wake up with what my husband calls “fun hair.”

I then just go into the bathroom and stick my head under the faucet. I then brush it until it stays put and use gel if I have to.

My hair is quite short, but it doesn’t matter what length it is. I get fun hair almost every morning.