When do you shower?

All my life (well, since adolescence, at least) I have taken a shower first thing in the morning. This is what all the members of my family do, and I’ve just always assumed it was the normal thing to do.

My fiancee, who is Chinese, takes showers at night before she goes to bed. That’s fine, and I certainly don’t have a problem with it, except she recently told me that she was appalled that I would consider going to bed without showering first and that I will, of course, change my behavior once we get married.


According to her, “everybody” takes showers in the evening, and it’s OK if I want to take one in the morning as long as I also take one at night. When I asked her WHY I need to take one at night (is she offended by my body odor or something?) she said that it was simply the way things were done and that I must be strange if I didn’t agree. When I told her that maybe it was just a Chinese thing and that most Americans shower in the morning, she refused to accept the possibility.

So here I am, with what is probably the stupidest question I have ever found myself asking. I mean, I know that most Americans (if not most people of other cultures as well) shower in the morning, but I could use a little confirmation here…



I always shower in the morning. I find people who only shower at night odd. You’re essentially sleeping in your own filth, plus you have just given bacteria at least 8 hours infiltrate your crevices and produce offending odors.

I also find morning showers help to wake me up.

I think it is a men vs. women thing…

I am male… always shower in the morning, and I don’t understand how anyone can wake up and not shower…

not showering before bed is not a bad thing… even if you are dirty… why… when you are just going to wake up and take a shower in the morning…

I will assume this is also the bed you are going to have sex in?? sex is not the cleanest thing in the world… so why take a shower just to go back in the bed you had sex in the night before??

Well, that’s the plan…



Morning, other times as needed. If I don’t take that shower after getting up, I’m not awake at work. My hair also winds up looking like a haystack for the rest of the day…

I don’t think that it is a man vs. women thing.

I am a women who showers in the morning and most women I know do too.

Do you work a dirty job? If you work outside or sweat a lot during the day I can see why you should shower when you come home at night.

I take showers at night, and I am neither chinese nor American. My husband takes them in the morning. I like it that way. No bathroom conflicts.

I don’t think that it is a man vs. women thing.

I am a women who showers in the morning and most women I know do too.

Do you work a dirty job? If you work outside or sweat a lot during the day I can see why you should shower when you come home at night.

I don’t.

We have a bathtub only. :smiley:

When I’ve had access to showers I was a morning showerer (unless activities or heat dictated a shower was necessary).

Taking one at night leaves the sheets soggy, messes up my hair (thus needing to wash it again in the am), and usually wakes me up more than relaxing me.

No, I don’t work a dirty job, and she’s already told me that she doesn’t think that I am dirty or smelly at night. It’s simply a matter of how she was raised and her conviction that “everybody” (except for me, apparently) showers in the evening.

[Nice to see I’m not the only one having trouble posting right now, BTW.]


A.M., but sometimes at night just to relax. If I only took a shower at night, I’d feel like I had bed-stink on me all day.


Morning and night. Why not, I like the way I feel after a shower.

Morning, or as needed, or whenever I have somebody to shower with.

Morning and night. Although, I’m considered odd at home because I shower in the morning.

FWIW, my family has Indian origins.

I can’t remember the last time I even TOOK a shower.

That’s because I prefer baths. :smiley: Nice hot ones, almost every night, right before bed. I have trouble falling asleep, and a nice hot bath drops me right off. It also make a nice “reboot” for my body after a stressful day or a long road trip home at night. I work at home, so I don’t need to worry about not being squeaky clean and offending my co-workers. (Mr. S seems to prefer me a bit on the skanky side anyway.)

Of course, I will freshly bathe in the morning or during the day if I’m going to a party or otherwise having extended interaction with other humans. (Going to the grocery store or the post office doesn’t count; a lunch or dinner date does.)

Sorry I can’t bolster your case with the fiancée, but I thought I’d offer an opposing view to the so far overwhelming majority.

Am I the only one who gets incredibly bad bedhead? If I didn’t shower in the morning, it would take me that long to get my hair looking okay anyways.

I take them in the morning, but it’s definately not a customs thing. It’s simply the fact that I have long, very thick hair, and if I washed it in the morning I would be walking around all day with it wet.

See, I’m the opposite. My hair is naturally wavy and if I want to wear it straight (as I do almost every day so I don’t look like I stuck a fork in a socket), I wash it and blowdry at night. I also have more time to shave my legs and do other necessary shower things that I’d have to rush through in the morning. Basically, it’s a time issue for me. I’d rather go to bed a little later than get up earlier.

re: bedhead

She get’s bedhead as well, but she spritzes her hair in the morning with water and some sort of styling gel and it seems to work all right for her.

As for me, I can fall asleep for 15 minutes on an airplane and I get terminal bedhead that can only be relieved with a 15 minute shower…


I take a shower in the morning before work, and usually a soak in the tub at night after working out.

Now, on weekends… :eek: