Hal or Kyle?

Who wins?

I still think the Imperial Star Destroyer is going to win.

Now that Hal’s the Spectre, I’d say he has the edge…

In terms of who I’d prefer to read, well, in “Green Lantern”, Hal, but in “JLA” Kyle.

In terms of them going toe to toe, if they were both at their pime, I’d say Hal every time. Hal would be able to talk Kyle into being unsure of himself, and thusly loosing will to command the ring to it’s top power.

I opened this thread with the hopes that I’d get some illumination as to who Hal and Kyle are, but I guess not…

Hal Jordan, the original Green Lantern. He was the one you’d traditionally associate to the role, white guy, brown hair, white gloves. He went nuts, tried to destroy the universe, got stopped, saved the earth and turned into the Spectre.

Kyle Rayner, the new Green Lantern. Black hair, new costume. Rookie super hero attitude. He helped stop Hal from destroying the universe.

OK, thanks.

These are…comic book characters, then?

(Am I completely clueless or what? I do know there was a TV series way back when with Bruce Lee, but that’s it.)


That was Green Hornet. Not Green Lantern. :smiley:

They were both comic book characters, but Green Hornet is a Batman type (a really well trained guy with no super-powers) while Green Lantern has a magic ring that makes whatever Green Lanter thinks about. (I’m oversimplifying to try to avoid making your eyes glaze over. Did it work? :wink: :p)

And btw: Hal.



Heh, I recall in a recent JLA storyline where the League is fighting a global plague that turns people’s perceptions into reality, and so at one point Kyle is actually turned into Hal (the guy most people associate with GL). Me, I think a fight would go something like this:

KYLE: (LIFTS RING, SUMMONS ARMY OF GIANT ROBOT WARRIORS INTO EXISTENCE) No chance, old man! I’m an anime nut with a power ring! My ring has no flaws that make it ineffective on yellow items, and I can create anything I can imagine!

HAL: (SCRATCHES CHIN SKEPTICALLY) Hmm, and the best costume you can imagine has a bondage collar around your neck? Ollie used to know a guy in the Castro District with the exact same tastes. You’re not really trying to fight crime, are you? You just want people to beat you up.


Fenris: I remember that it was the Green Hornet after I posted. I decided to not correct myself. It was just too funny.

I don’t think I belong in this thread, do I? :smiley:


Definitive answer:


Hal’s ring was vulnerable to the color yellow. Kyle, on the other hand, is a moron.

Hal wins.

Gotta disagree. Kyle’s grown and is much more confident than he used to be. As much as I always liked Hal, I go with Kyle.

For my part, I actually preferred Conner to Ollie.

Yup. Alan can wipe the floor with both and is a much more interesting character than either.

Kyle is better than Hal, IMHO.

Aunt May!

Sorry…thought this was the MJ/Gwen thread… :slight_smile:

Well, if you want to make it interesting, you could have Parallax vs Ion, which is the two’s most powerful mortal forms. It’d be like a legendery God vs his annoying little brother.

Then again, why not say ‘to Hell with Crisis’ (which DC pretty much did with Crisis 2 and Zero Hour) and have a three-way dance with Hal, Kyle and Guy “Batman knocked me out with one-punch” Gardner. Sinestro is YOUR crooked referee and Alan Scott comes in for the run-in to manifest a steel chair of green energy.

Or we can do my match up: Ultimate Spidey’s MJ and Gwen in a mud-wrestling match. (Aunt May is YOUR crooked referee…!)


Maybe Guy between the time when the Guardians made him the first of the “SWAT Team Lanterns” and the lobotomy…

No. Hal is the first, best, and only GL of Sector 2814. Too bad he is languishing in one of Darkseid’s dungeons, and the world has been bamboozled by the substitution of a brainwashed Power Ring.