Half-Caff coffee is pretty good

I needed to cut back on caffeine. I’m not quite ready for Sanka yet. Do they still sell the brewed version? My dad bought Sanka years ago.

I’ve switched to half caff and like it. Folgers is the brand that I found in the grocery.

Any thoughts? Are some brands better than others?

We used to buy Folgers half Caff, but now we blend our own from store brand coffee. We think it tastes better.

I used to drink WAY too much regular coffee, so we went to half caff. Problem is that I know it’s half caff, so I have to be careful to not drink too much.

My doctor told me to stop drinking coffee, so I compromised by switching to a cup of half-caff in the morning and a cup of decaf after dinner, if it’s not too late.
We’ve had Folgers and liked it, but seldom see it around here. The brand of half-caff we find in the local stores is Green Mountain, which we like also.

I’ve been drinking half-caff for many years, but I prefer to mix my own. When I am at the store I buy one, 12 ounce bag of regular ground coffee and one, 12 ounce bag of ground decaf coffee. At home I mix them thoroughly in a bowl. I then pour the 24 ounces of coffee into a 25.4 ounce Folgers coffee container.

“If you think that by threatening me you can get me to do what you want…Well, that’s where you’re right. But—and I am only saying that because I care—there’s a lot of decaffeinated brands on the market that are just as tasty as the real thing.”


I drink way too much coffee, and I also travel a fair amount. I decided to splash out on a ridiculously expensive espresso machine, and the effect has been interesting. It’s a lot more hassle than my Keurig was, so I don’t make so much coffee at home. But what I do make is so much better that I’m now a complete snob who won’t go near bad coffee. I might stoop to Starbucks occasionally in extremis, but crap coffee just to get a buzz is right out. My overall caffeine consumption has probably halved.

I also can’t over-indulge in caffeine but need Decaf (for a placebo effect?). So I mix my own, or alternate cups. Believe it or don’t, there is only one store within a two-hour (one-way) drive of my house that sells instant Decaf! :smack: (And it’s not any of the several giant supermarkets that have sprung up in recent decades — it’s the very old, first department store in the region.)

There’s a nearby store that sells a delicious iced capuccino for 62¢. I often buy one to-go, and split it with my wife.

(* ¢ = Alt 0162. Thanks to Map Ylow for showing me how to enter these codes without Chrome having a fit.)

Yes of course they must be, unless they’re all exactly the same. :slight_smile:

If you take [your favourite regular coffee, whatever that is] and mix it half and half with that same brand’s decaffeinated coffee, you’ll probably have the best you can easily get. Or if you like the brand you’ve found already, then not having to work at it is an advantage.