Half Life for $0.98

To celebrate its 10 year anniversary, Steam is selling Half-Life for only 98 cents. Ends Friday, November 21 at noon PST.

I loaded my old copy yesterday, and was thinking of mentioning how fun it was to play again. What a nice coincidence this is going on.

I wonder if that can be used with the cool mods like Counter Strike or not.

Don’t see why not.

Shame I’ve already got HL.

Is this Half Life on the old graphics engine, or Half Life Source with the same physics but prettier graphics that came out with HL2?

It was Half-Life: Blue Shift that had the updated textures, but on the same engine. Half-Life: Source had the textures from the original game, but used the Source engine for rendering and physics. From what I can glean, they’re selling the exact same thing that came out ten years ago.