Hallelujah! SNL axes Sanz, Mitchell.

Details here.

Chris Parnell was funny but he suffers from Tim Meadows disease… at some point you gotta get off the teat and find something else to do. (Looking at you, Darrell Hammond.) I like when SNL has up-and-coming folks.

With the current cast, only Armisen and Forte cause me to roll my eyes, but even then, only slightly. Kristen Wiig is awesome too. Will definitely be tuning in on 9/30!

With any luck, NBC will give Sanz his own show, so that we won’t have to do without regular doses of his “Carol” character.

Thank God the rumor that they were keeping Finesee over Kenan proved to be false- Kenan is infinitely more talented and funnier.

About f’n time, although my biggest beef is with the writing, not the Not-Yet-Ready-For-Prime-Time Players, per se (however much overlap there is between the two).

Finesse’s only funny character, IMHO, is “Starkisha”. But even that gets lame after awhile.

Aww, I’ll miss Finesse. Not enough to make up for my happiness at seeing Sanz leave, but still.

“We have a cast member named Finesse??” -Lorne Michaels, a coupla seasons ago

I think that’ll be his epitaph. :slight_smile:

I liked Finesse Mitchell. Now it’s just Keenan and a bunch of crackers.