Halliburton's truck driver recruitment drive takes PR hit!

Home video made by a contract worker driving a truck in Iraq, caught in an ambush. Nothing really gruesome to be seen but not quite for the faint of heart.

My sense of it is they went through a very anti-American neighborhood, inhabitants of which noticed the trucks were going down a deadend and so set up an ambush. If that’s true it was fast frigging work.

The driver was apparently fired for being injured.

Anyway this isn’t a pitting of anyone or anything just noticed no one had posted about this and thought some here might be interested. Feel free to pit whoever you feel needs it. :stuck_out_tongue:

The only upside I see is the fact that these guys are pulling down maybe $140,000 for a 9 month job. I assume they go over all this with them up front but who knows. There have been several articles about this in the last couple of weeks and most of the drivers seem to feel Halburton is really screwing the drivers here.