Halloween's coming up! Let's recommend horror movies on the screaming...uh, I mean, streaming channels

Here’s one streaming on Prime I watched not long ago:

The Breed. Wes Craven produced. Has a few people you’ll recognize: Michelle Rodriguez, Oliver Hudson (Kate Hudson’s bro-- been on sitcoms) and Taryn Manning (Pennsatucky from OITNB).

Plot synopsis: Pretty classic setup: a group of friends stay at a cabin on a remote island for some R&R. But terror ensues: they start getting attacked by genetically altered, super smart, super vicious dogs.

It’s a pretty fun watch. Although the group do some clever, MacGyveresque things in the process of fighting back, they also do a number of STOOOOPID horror-movie cliche mistakes that will have you practically yelling at the TV screen (or actively yelling, depending on your level of alcohol intoxication at the time :stuck_out_tongue:). You may find yourself ultimately rooting for the dogs.

Beyond the Black Rainbow is one of my newer favs. Super weird and creepy.

A Christmas Horror Story

Wrong holiday, but a decent horror film. Bill Shatner (outstanding) plays a radio DJ who shares macabre Xmas tales about the strange town of Bailey Downs. IMDb adds: “Meanwhile at the North Pole, Santa is fending off zombie elves.” If you’re a fan, you’ll love it. For rent on Amazon Prime.

@Snowboarder_Bo, that movie sounds awesome from the IMDB description, thanks!

@burpo_the_wonder_mutt, I do like some Xmas horror. Shatner involvement sounds like it will be delightfully cheesy. BTW, Santa’s Slay is another one I enjoyed very much in the Xmas horror genre.

^ I’m on it!

last shift is an excellent horror movie. Lots of creepy visuals. Should be free on various streaming sites like tubi.