HALO v.s UT 2004

I have played Halo online for about a month now, and one of my buddies has suggested to try Unreal Tournament 2004. After lookin at teh screenshots and weapon/vehicle selection, my first impresseion is that the maps are better in UT 2004, but everything else seems better in Halo.

Can someone who has played both give me an unbiased selection/observation?



Depends on what you like.

If you like hyperactive coked-up meth-addicted uber-twitch shooters, where you have about seven seconds to rack up three or four kills (just press the mouse button randomly, you’ll hit something) before being blown up, get UT2004.

If you like a GOOD fps on the Xbox, get Halo for Xbox.

If you like a GOOD fps on the PC that requires an incredibly overpowered machine to run half-decently, get Halo for PC.

(Note: I’m slightly exaggerating about UT2004. Slightly.)

yeh that is what jumped out at me when first seing the screenshots for UT 2004, the fact that id prob live for seconds at a time before respawning :S


I’ve played Halo on X-Box, but not online. I have played UT2004 online, and I’d say that UT, on the PC, multiplayer, is the superior game. More game modes, better graphics, more weapons, and I believe more players per map. Also, UT has one of the biggest and most inventive mod communities out there. If you just want mindless, unrelenting action, UT is the game for you.

Personally, I’d rather have a plot, so I prefer Halo. Plus, the X-Box version let you play through the campaign in co-op multiplayer mode, which was more fun than I’ve had from any FPS since… well, since Doom, I suppose. Can’t effing believe they stripped that out for the PC version. What were they thinking? I’d have bought a second copy of the game just for that. Idjits.

To put it bluntly, the UT series is faster. Guns will kill you quicker, people run around faster, and the game is meant to be hectic and flashy with copious amounts of cartoony gore. You’ve played MP Halo, so you know that on foot it’ll take forever to go anywhere by yourself. Halo is a more “serious” game: things look realistic, there’s no music (in MP) to distract you from the firefights, and generally you’ll see death coming (barring a pistol sniper or Warthog cresting a hill directly ahead).

I personally like the UT series better, but I’ll admit to having a bias. UTs are also much more moddable, with a huge amount of player-made maps, characters, and gameplay effects already available. I don’t think I’ve seen a Halo mod yet for PC, but I haven’t been looking lately.

Single-player? No contest - Halo’s got UT beat.

Halo, if it’s prepared.

The demos for both are avaialble, why don’t you try them out?

Recently did a gaming weekend and we had great fun playing “Onslaught” in UT2004. Others really liked the vehicles (some liked ground, some liked air).
I liked riding the vehicles or staying on the ground and taking the enemy vehicles out.

But single player is much better in Halo (IMHO). Tho not as much replay value (at least with the demo)


I’ve played Halo on the PC and on the XBox. The only reason the PC version is good is when no friends are available for MP Halo on a network of XBoxes, but then again It’s been so long since i played a PC shooter I lost my touch for it.

I played UT on the XBox and didn;t care for it… seemed too aribtraty i guess… Halo makes you work for your kills, UT lets you stumble into them.

On a side note… the Halo 2 MP is FABULOUS. and it’s still in Beta.

Different games. Unreal CHAMPIONSHIP is on the Xbox, and it’s got different content. Same style, but different content. Plus, it’s closer to Unreal Tournament 2k3…

Unreal Tournament 2K4 is on PC, and it’s gotten rave reviews as being superior to last year’s version. When its price drops to around $30, I’m probably gonna snag it up.

Ten bucks says somebody makes a more “realistic” mod based on 2K4… anybody ever play the Urban Terror mod for Quake 3?

I’m still waiting for some Dopers to show up on the public UT2k4 servers, or for someone to contact me so that I can set one up. There’s not much more depressing than standing in a game waiting for possible players to enter.

Never played Halo, but I’ll put in my two cents about the Onslaught mode of UT- there are good player-created maps out there already, and I’m waiting for the “realism” mod to be written. I’d do it myself, but I need to learn the programming language.

Look for “p$ycho_dad” on the servers…

that’s my Only concern really. I like the realism and ‘earning’ your kill in Halo online. UT2k4 seems to have nicer and elaborate maps and weapons etc, so perhaps if someone came up with a more realistic map for UT2k4 id give it a shot

Thanks for teh help guys and gals :smiley: