Halvsie, the two-legged dog

It’s that time of year when my mom goes through all the old pictures of years past and displays the Christmas stuff. While helping her, I found a picture of my old dog, a Jack Russell terrier named Halvsie. He was called Halvsie because he only had the two legs on the left side of his body. In other words, half the normal number of legs.

Halvsie was a good dog. I trained him to sit, play dead, and roll over. He couldn’t shake, though, cuz when he lifted his front paw he had a tendency to fall forward. He could roll over like a champ, though.

Since he was a full-blooded Jack Russell, we tried to breed him. It didn’t work, cuz he kept falling off the side of the female. Poor little guy.

Other than that, he got around really well for a two-legged dog. He used to love to run around in the back yard and in the summertime he would jump in the pool for a swim. You had to keep an eye on him when he went swimming, though. Once he jumped in the water, he had a tough time getting out cuz he could only swim in circles.


Was he born that way, or was he the victim of a terrible accident?

How inspiring that he had a wonderful, normal life.
Most times he wouldn’t have been given the chance…

this wouldn’t be the same dog I saw on TV once, would it?

I remembered that one because he kept his balance while running by gyrating his tail wildly. It was cool as shit.

Um, sorry, I don’t think this is any dog you’ve seen on TV.

I was just feeling goofy and made this up. That’s what the litle smiley at the bottom is for - I was only teasing. I own a mutt and a fox terrier, both from the pound and with 4 legs. The mutt is 15 yrs old and pretty deaf now, but other than that they’re both regular dogs.

Sorry, I didn’t think anyone would take me seriously after reading the bit about falling off the female or swimming in circles.

But blessedwolf now that you mention it, I remember seeing something like that on TV.

But in my case, it was supposed to be a joke. As I said, I didn’t expect anyone to take it seriously after the swimming in circles line. Maybe I should’ve stuck with the first idea and said he used to like to play fetch, except I had to throw and chase the ball myself, cuz he could only run in circles.

Sorry if you took me seriously.

I can’t believe people swallowed that. Halvsie? Ye gads.

A friend of mine does have a three legged cat named Tripod, though.

Believe it or not. :wink:

That’s almost as bad as when I was in Middle School. The building was out in the boonies, so there were dear running around outside every now and again. One time, in math class, one with three legs walked by. After that, it showed up a few times, outside the math class window, so we decided to name it. It’s name?

Three fourths.

(I swear to God that mine is true. But you believed Crunchy’s? HeSus!)

:rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahah! My friend’s neighbor has a three-legged dog…also named Tripod! :slight_smile: He’s quite fast and agile for missing a leg. I’m guessing he lost it very early in his life, so he’s gotten very used to be missing one… :slight_smile:

Gah! I bought it hook, line and sinker.

It wasn’t too hard for me to believe it though. Back in high school one of the teachers had a kitten who’d lost her front left-leg and her rear right-leg in an accident with an air-conditioner fan.

Fulcrum the Pivoting Kitten became the whole schools project. The Drafting and Design class cooked up a little wheeled prostetic cat outfit, Home Economics sewed the little velco harness and Metal shop sand-casted a clever little adjustable wheel system.

Sadly, Fulcrum never really ever warmed up to her little scooter-suit (which ended up looking more like a sad cat/robot-spider amalgam) and wriggled out of at every opportunity. It was no good on carpeting anyway. Despite this the whole school got a nice little write-up in the San Jose Mercury newspaper for our effort.

Half a dog, philisophically, must ipso facto…

hmm…doesn’t quite work the same.

My dad had a dog as child that only had three legs and (apparently) going against the norm, instead of Tripod his family went with the non-politically correct name of Crip.

My cat Freya (Cornish Rex) had five litters. The last litter had only two kittens that were not stillbirths. The vet suggested we should have had her fixed prior to this after her third or fourth litter. We just didn’t know it was an issue and she loved being a mommy so much.

Anyhow, the point. Her two babies were Stormy and Heimedall. Heimidall had an unusual trait. At some point when he was in the womb his neck was dislocated or twisted around nearly backwards.

Heimidall was perfectly healthy but did take a bit longer to feed than his sister Stormy. He was very active and very sweet but he was also the funniest cat I have ever owned. He waled sideways, never jumped (that I saw) and if you wanted to keep him in a room you didn’t have to close the door, just leave it open about four inches and he was stuck.

I miss him very much. His mommy contracted a kind of herpes that affects the lungs and she passed it on the both her babies. It did not kill her for some reason, but Stormy and “tiny” Heimidall both had to be put to sleep (the vet said that they had sored inside their lungs and were pretty much in pain most all the time.).

Anyhow, thats the only unusual or malformed pet i have ever had except for a keet with a missing toe (he taunted my rats one too many times).

There was a two-legged dog at my Mom’s old apartment complex, one leg in front, one in back (they weren’t on the same side, though). It ran around about as fast as a ‘complete’ dog.

A buddy of mine works as a vet tech at an animal hospital here in town and her heart always goes out to her patients.
Last I’ve heard she’d rescued two dogs: one missing half of a back leg aan one missing a front leg.
She named the one missing half a leg Peggy.
The three-legged dog? She named her Tippy.

I named him lucky.

Oh man, I’m dying here! A two-legged dog named HALVSIE? That’s too much!! I’m convulsing! People are looking at me funny! One of them has a white coat! No wait, two of them do! Hey, what’s that jacket for…

I had a three-legged dog once. The fourth leg was physically present, but she broke it badly when a car hit her. When the walking cast came off (eventually), the leg just wasn’t of much use to her :frowning: So she hopped around a lot. Didn’t seem to affect her disposition in the least, either. :slight_smile:

After it is Crunchy Frog who is posting it. Who know’s what he was like as a kid. He might have bitten the dogs legs off.


That should be after all

I did preview because that is my first smilie in a post ever.

Friend of mine has a three legged dog. The dog got hit by a car and it crushed the back left leg so bad they had it amputated. He’s a German Shepard/White Lab mix. Beautiful dog and he gets around just fine, I’ve never seen him run though because he’s an inside dog.

The name of the animal escapes me at the moment.


Warning: sick humor ahead.

Lump, the No-Legged Dog