The truly great threads in SDMB history

I DID find it! I was paging through the link from 2005 about the 101 greatest threads, and there it was, I’d put it there myself. Don’t know how I lost the link between then and now.

I also posted about how I can’t find a thread asking folks to describe the most vile toilet they’d ever encountered. I think of it as “the dead junkie” thread because one poster told of opening a door to a toilet to find a dead guy on the john.

This one about Kaitlyn is a classic crash and burn.

(it’s pretty old and as a bonus you also get to laugh at the thoughts of some of our now senior posters, some of who have gone on to bigger and better things.

From Happy Scrappy Hero Pup in 2005
Things that will never stop being funny. Ever.

As you wish:

Funny things during love making/intimate moments by Whammo from 2000

The TMI thread started by Tzel in 2000

omg i cannot stop laughing at this!

It’s the perfect thread!

I snorted hard. :stuck_out_tongue:

This one?

(yeah, I was bored) :slight_smile:

Turnabout is fair play! I want to include a link to your new thread which has some great additions to fun stuff:

SDMB threads that had you cracking up

Some of the replies there are for even older surveys of exceptional (in the fun sense) threads.

I’m wondering if we need some sort of Meta-Thread that combines as many of these “survey threads” as we can locate. I know I have started at least four such things on various themes. And it appears I have missed a lot that others started before and since.

It’s simply amazing to me how much interest there has been in the general topic of this thread and how little I had seen of it before now! Just today and yesterday these threads have opened my eyes to dozens of threads that meet the criteria I have been looking for all this time.

You’ll need to look around in these new ones to find the treasure, but at least I have them for my own purposes as links in this thread.

Please add as many others as you can to this growing directory.

The new stuff:

The funniest thread on the dope was started 11-18-2008, 02:44 PM by ItsInTheCards and had gotten to Post #55 Today, 05:14 AM when I looked.

Is there a way to search for awesome past posts? was started Yesterday, 04:56 PM by Enola Gay and had gotten to Post #8 Today, 03:28 AM

There must be more such threads…

From Photg in 2003 comes the saga of the Mad Wiper, which has to be one of the great unresolved cliffhangers in SDMB history. Sadly, Photog hasn’t posted since 2004, so perhaps we’ll never know how it played out.

It’s the right time of year to link to this one that gets bumped every year in the great annual SDMB holiday tradition:

“Rudolph” T.V. special

I freely admit that it may be jumping the gun to include This turkey was killed by hand with a sharp knife before it has run its course, but it’s an excellent example of how these “great threads” come into being.

Please add anything else that this thread is missing in terms of keeping track of the real jewels.

Here’s another one that’s in progress but that exemplifies what it takes to be (IMO) a “truly great” thread: If I my play double’s advocate: where everyone posting just grabbed onto the unspoken “theme” and went wild with it.

If there are others such threads that meet your own criteria for “greatness” please link to them.

I’ve always been partial to this classic thread by the adorable John Carter of Mars.

Well, OOPS…guess I should have said that this is the thread about Bubba the beekeeper and his mail order bride.

I don’t know how it hasn’t been mentioned yet (I couldn’t find it anyway) but it just got bumped and it must be mentioned! Weird toys you vaguely remember is a nostalgia goldmine. Bravo, NoClueBoy! This one was started within days of my arrival at SDMB: 06-20-2003, 01:16 PM.

The one that got me to join was one about measuring how big a wedding ring is by stuffing it up your nose. The OP had shoved his up his nose and gotten it stuck. Other curious posters soon were shoving their rings up their noses and reporting on it.

I laughed so hard I almost peed in my pants. I stumbled upon it randomly as I was researching competitor banking information at work.

ETA: I’m sorry no linky - I haven’t had my coffee yet and a quick search hasn’t yielded anything.

Well, there’s at least I stuck my wedding ring up my nose started 09-04-2003, 07:40 AM by jjimm

That the one?

Why, yes it is. So you were the one who inadvertently got me to join the SDMB!

Starts of wierd and then takes a sharp left turn.