Hamberger Helper fans:What's your fave?

HH is definitely my favorite lazy dinner. Since I’m a vegetarian, I often make it with Morningstar crumbles, or I’ll dispense with the meat altogether and make it with chopped up zucchini and mushrooms. Stroganoff is my favorite by far, but really any of them will work, especially once doctored up.

I just mix Kraft Macaroni & Cheese with ground turkey. When I cook the turkey in a skillet I do add butter near the end so that it can brown and get just a little bit crisp. Then mix the two and top with sour cream.

I always add more salt :smiley:

Cheeseburger Mac has to be the winner, but most of them are good. And not good in a fine dining sort of way, but good in a comfort food way.

The only one I never cared for was lasagna. It tasted like catsup and lacked the all important ricotta.

Tuna helper is good to, which is easy enough to make from scratch.

That was mine. I’d add a can of mushrooms (if I’m having HH, why get fancy) and put shredded cheddar on top. I remember one time mixing in a box of scalloped potatoes to stretch it out for five people, and it tasted pretty much the same.

I haven’t had HH or TH in years because my husband hates them. I miss them sometimes; they were so easy to make.

They still make the Cheesy Hash Browns. I have one in the cupboard right now. Maybe your grocery store decided not to carry it any more.

My favorite is the Beef Fried Rice one. There is another of the Asian line I like, but can’t remember which it is now.

Here are the varieties of HH. I see a couple on there, such as Potato Stroganoff and Cheesy Hash Browns, that people mentioned up above they think are no longer made. Your particular grocery store may have discontinued them or they may not be available from their supplier.

I like it better than tuna helper myself, don’t you, Clark?