Favorite Hamburger Helper Dish

Okay, so this is an oxymoron to most, but what’s the best Hamburger Helper dish?
First of all, I really miss both the Rice Oriental and the Hash (both “original” flavors).
[sub]I wonder if there is some way I can start a campaign to get them back?[/sub]

Nowadays, I lean towards the Potato Stroganoff and the new Cheesy HashBrowns. The Philly Cheesesteak is kinda interesting, although I have no idea where they got that name…it tastes nothing like any Philly Cheesesteak I’ve ever eaten. Also, the Beef Pasta (nee Noodle) remains the best for “bastardizing” with additional ingredients.

BTW, what’s up with the endless variations of pasta and cheese mixes?

Oh, if ever a thread called out for Jack Batty’s presence…

Hello, my name is Beth and I love Hamburger Helper! I know how to cook food from scratch and actually do it quite well but there’s just something about Hamburger Helper…

Anyway, my absolute favorite is the Stroganoff (not Potato Stroganoff-that stuff is rank!) with lots of extra stuff. I even really like it without the hamburger! (“I don’t know why they call this stuff ‘Hamburger Helper’, it does just fine on its own!”)

I’m also rather fond of Cheeseburger Macaroni. The Beef Noodle is good if you add sour cream to the finished product.

Hamburger Helper lasagne is the finest meal to ever come out of a box. Not to say that a great number of fine meals come out of boxes, but the lasagne is pretty damn yummy. Yeah, that was the point I wanted to make. Yummy lasagne-that-isn’t-really-lasagne. Yum.

Bed for me now.


Here’s what you do. You get yourself the grandaddy of fring pans - I actually recommend an industrial sized electric jobby. You throw yourself two, count 'em two, pounds of ground beef in there - the 90% lean stuff. This is important because we true Hamburger Helper connosieurs can’t be bothered with draining no fat, so the less produced the better, you with me on that?
Ok, after you got your burger nice and fried up, and floating in that heavenly morass of grease, you throw in your Three Cheese Hamburger Helper fixin’s, and (here’s the twist - stick with me now) your CheeseBurger Macaroni fixin’s. Follow the directions, blah blah blah, throw in as much tobasco as you think your sphincter can take the next morning and voila you got yourself a meal.

Hint: try other combo’s two: Stroganoff and Lasagna, Taco and Pizza, Beef and Cheesesteak

[sub]Disclaimer: Poster assumes no responsibility for the gastro-intestinal well-being of anyone following the above posted recipes, void in Montana[/sub]

Cheeseburger Macaroni is it for me. I kick it old school; the recipe was changed to 2 cups hot water and 1 1/3 cups milk, but I still use 3 1/3 cups hot water like it used to be.

I was inspired by the sight of this thread to cook some up tonight. Mmmm!

My favorite was the four cheese lasagne, with about a half cup of ricotta stirred in at the last minute. Alas, I must watch my carbohydrate intake these days, so my beloved HH is rare treat.

I like the Lasagna and the Beef Stroganoff flavors.

Though I must say, JB’s Cheeseburger/Tabasco concoction sounds mighty tasty.

The lasagne flavor is the best, but it was better about 15 years ago. I could eat the whole pan back then, just about. Now I am content with a large serving or two, but back in the days, I would make it before my roommate got home and just chow down. Sorry, Kristi.

My above posted recipe was standard football watching fare for my roommate and me about, oh, a trillion years ago.
It was truly an ugly scene … Twelve-pack of Bud put away, the better part of an eighth up in smoke, these greasy Hamburger Helper clouds permeating the entire apartment. Cut to two incapacitated, slightly unctuous young men, unable to move, splayed out on Laz-E-Boys while John Madden drew on the TV.

Except for the elctronic diversion and the pads on the chairs, picture two hash convicts languishing in a Turkish prison and I think you’ll get the idea.

Ah, those were the days.

Another vote for lasagne here, but I have to punch it up. While browning the beef, I include a chopped onion. Once all the stuff is mixed together and simmering, I’ll add a mess o’ mushrooms. That way, ya got yer meat and yer veggies and yer pasta all in one!
Humor me - if I believe it’s healthier that way, then who are you to debunk me?!?!?

Tuna Helper is what this kid likes. (Does that count as a favorite Hamburger Helper?)

Tuna Helper with crunched up potato chips on top…mm mm good!

Does anyone remember the relatives from the original “Vacation” movie? Hamburger Helper without the hamburger?

My personal favorites are the Cheesy Hashbrowns and the beef stew (not at the same time, of course.)


Hmmmm… I like the lasagna, but I think the Two Cheese Pizza is pretty good, too.

I like the chicken helper better, though - I don’t remember the exact name, but the Creamy Roasted Garlic (Alfredo-like) flavor is pretty darn good all by itself (I often add mushrooms or onions to various versions, too - never thought about MIXING flavors… interesting idea…).

Beef Taco is my favorite. Especially when the munchies swoop down upon me with curled talons. 'Nuff said there.

Jack Batty: I have* so* done that HH/football thing, only I had two roommates. We were so into it that even our girlfriends knew better than to call or drop by on Sunday. Those really were the days.

Oh, you bet. That stuff is phenomenal. Best if you use your own sour cream, though, rather than the powdered stuff that comes in the box.

No, no, no–you have to use BOTH!