Hamberger Helper fans:What's your fave?

Mine in no particular order:

Cheesy Ranch

Bonus: List your tips that you do to make it better:

I only drink skim milk. So on the box when it says 1/2 milk, 1/2 water; I just put all milk.

I’ll sometimes throw crumbled up bacon in the Cheesy Ranch one.

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I love the tuna helpers.

Tuna tetrazzini is my favorite. I’ll add mushrooms, garlic and a little white wine when simmering. Sometimes topped off with cheddar cheese.

Tuna Alfredo I’ll add shrimp.

The Crunchy Taco was pretty good. HH isn’t great eats but it’s handy to have in the refrigerator when you don’t want another sandwich. They’re all way too salty, though.

Cheesburger Macaroni is my favorite. I always cut up a small onion in it and if I have them around, sprinkle Frech’s Fried Onions on top.

There used to be an oriental one with rice, but I haven’t seen it around in a while. I used to dress it up with a bag of frozen stir fry veggies and it was awesome!

As a self-employed caterer, Hamburger Helper used to be one of my guilty pleasures. :o

I wouldn’t eat it now due to the sodium levels but back then my favorite was Stroganoff.

Never met a Hamburger Helper I didn’t like, but Stroganoff was the best. I used to stock up on many flavors whenever they were on sale. I also liked most of the off-brand ones I tried.

Can’t eat 'em any more- low sodium diet.

BTW, try substituting cooked shredded chicken instead of ground beef- yum.
I never drink milk, so I used nonfat dry milk or canned evaporated milk in the ones that needed it.

Back in my college days, I used to love the lasagna one. They changed the recipe quite a while back and it isn’t the same.

I used to tease my (former) roommate whenever we had it-called it"Crunchy Frog".

Cheese Burger Macaroni!

I remember liking the Beef Stroganoff but haven’t had it in ages.

As a kid my mother made the lasagna one the most. It was just okay.

Beef Stew, Pizza, and Cheesy Hash Browns.

None of which they make anymore.


We used to like Stroganoff and meatloaf mixes quite a lot. Then I started making my own versions of those dishes. Now, I do have to use two pots for my homemade hamburger Stroganoff instead of cooking it all in one pot, but we like my version much better. Same with my meatloaf. Nowadays, if I see a new variety, I’ll pick it up, make it as directed, and then if we like it, I figure out my own version.

However, if I had to be on bed rest again, or I was otherwise unable to cook, HH would certainly become a dinner staple again, as my husband really can’t cook very well but he can make HH.

love the tuna helper cheesy pasta with a side of peas. i make a really good from scratch tuna casserole, but sometimes i just want the helper instead. kinda like canned ravioli and mac and cheese from a box, there are better alternatives, but sometimes nothing else will do.

Re the comments that "they no longer make…’ or “too much sodium…”

You can find recipes for homemade versions of nearly all of the Hamburger Helper flavors online. Most of them include tips on reducing the sodium, calories, etc., often with tips on extra ingredients that can be added to enhance the result. And many of the recipes have tips to make the homemade versions nearly as simple as the commercial one, like making up the sauce/spice packets beforehand, etc.

I’ve tried a couple, and they are really about as easy to make as the store-bought ones (even for a guy), and they taste the same to me.

My brother came for a visit and I got tired of fixing all the meals so I asked if he would fix dinner. We had HH Stroganoff. I had never had it before and I haven’t made it since. I just made beef stroganoff from scratch last week.

I’ve been working hard at improving my nutrition choices, and cooking whole foods, but I will admit to being a fan. Stroganoff is my favorite, followed by beef noodle. I do stir in some real sour cream when I make the stroganoff.

I’m a strict Tomato Basil man these days.

Every once in while I’ll go stroganoff, but I usually regret it.

My cooking tip: always at a little more pasta. I prefer about an extra handful of rotini. And of course, the usual suspect spices: black pepper, chili powder, and crushed red pepper – tobasco if I’m feeling strongly about having a flaming anus in the morning.

Oh yeah – I always use ground turkey. I find ground beef waaaay to greasy for me. I used to use hot Italian turkey sausage, but that’s a little overkill.

There used to be one called Potato Stroganoff I liked, but I don’t think they make it any more.

I don’t know why they call it Hamburger Helper. It does just fine by itself.

I make a homemade version, in that my husband calls pretty much all casseroles Hamburger Helper. I use ground sirloin or turkey. We visited my cousin in Florida once and they served Hamburger Helper for dinner. I was apprehensive but it turned out to be pretty good. It was a cheesburger-type dish.