Hamburger Survey (Vegetarians Welcome Too)

How many hamburgers do you think you have eaten since you have been alive?
Hamburgers in this case will refer to ground beef hamburgers or vegetarian burgers like Boca Burgers no turkey burgers, chicken sandwiches, just beef and Boca. This is hamburgers from anywhere from a fancy restaurant to McDonalds to your neighbors BBQ.
Now I will sit back and wait for all 3 responses…just kidding, atleast I hope I am.

I almost forgot…I should answer this survey myself and I am going to say about 1500 Hamburgers in my life time.

I have eaten one veggie burger in my life. It was delicious, but I have yet to try another. I have probably eaten hundreds of hamburgers, though.

Since I am very susceptible to suggestion, I guess I know what I’m having for lunch today.

Well over 1000, considering my time as a computer geek in which I ended up with a 5 minute session bewtwee build to grab lunch. adding in my speciality of grilling, my gneral lack of money to buy the steaks I want, and my fat ass that eats a lot of food, I figure 3000 is a good guesstimate.

If it’s numbers you want, I’d said mine is…let’s see…probably about 1300. I wonder how much that many burgers weighs.

I should add that the guesstimate involves a more than healthy number of (randomly substance influenced) nights in which I probably ate 20-30 sliders, which I added in.

Considering hamburgers are my favorite food, I almost always order one when it’s on the menu at restaraunts, and I’m not what you’d call light, I’d say in excess of 2,500.

In my lifetime? I’d guess around 3500. They are my only weakness.

Offhand, I’d say 1 a week on averge over about 30 years, so 1500.

I went with a one every week guess as well, but that could be conservative. I’ll go with 1820.


I was idly extrapolating an estimate on the back of a sheet of paper while reading this thread until I came to your post. If I have to count White Castle, then hell, everything’s out the window.

I’m guessing that, based on the rough average of eating two hamburgers per week, I’ve probably managed to consume about 1,500 of them in my lifetime of 34 years to date.

In all of my 29 years, I’ve probably only eaten a handful of hamburgers. After suffering from food poisoning twice from hamburgers as a child (once from a fast food chain and the other from a regular restuarant) my stomach can’t tolerate ground beef anymore. I sure hope this doesn’t gross out any of you hamburger lovers!

The Boca veggie burgers are pretty good, but I’ve probably only had 25 or so in my life.

Maybe 1000 or so, but I’m only 18, so I have time to rack up that number to something way more ridiculous. (unless the hamburgers kill me first. O_o)

This was more complicated than I thought.
I’ve never had a Boca Burger, so they’re out.
I started with 37 years, (I’m almost 40, but I wasn’t eating burgers regularly when I was really little). That’s 1,872 weeks. Going with one a week, that’s neary 2,000 burgers, but there are some weeks I know I ate two or more. Lots of times at cook-outs I eat two burgers.

If you counted turkey burgers the number would defintely jump way up. I’ve been eating lots and lots of turkey burgers lately, and we also eat lots of venison burgers, since my husband hunts. They’re actually a mix of ground venison and ground beef, since the venison tends to be rather dry. The beef keeps them moist.

Maybe thirty? I never particularly liked hamburgers even back when I ate meat. And I got food poisoning aftr a veggie burger once so I rarely eat those either. So it’s got to be a really low number…

First ever burgers in '76 when some girls from Boston decided to initiate their British colleagues in this strange custom of the “barbeque” (but why do you want to cook food outside when we have a perfectly good kitchen?!) First and only BigMac Amsterdam in '81. Around 30 to 50 veggie burgers since, mostly at barbeques because we did get the idea in the end (but veggie sausages are usually better).

Average of one a week, so about 2,500. I had a lot more than one a week when I was in grad school, but I’m probably averaging fewer than than now.

BTW, do you count a double cheeseburger as two or one?

I’m going to average one burger a month since I was 7, and then round down a bit since I eat them with greater infrequency.

So…300? Sounds right, I suppose (Hot Dogs, however, are another story).

I might have to rethink my 1500 estimate it could be closer to 1000 because if someone that is 34 has eaten 2 a week and they estimate 1500 and I’m still in my teens that sounds like alot of burgers but on the other hand I wouldn’t be all that surprised if I had ate 1500…anyway I’d say a double still counts as one because you have some hamburgers that are single that are still thicker than a double decker… the angus beef burger at Carls Jr for example compared to a Big Mac.