Hang arm out car window

Here in the Midwest, when the weather warms, I’ve noticed a peculiar habit among car drivers. Many of them hang their left arm out of the car window. This in of itself is not a very interesting phenomenon. What IS interesting is this appears to be a predominantly male practice.

Anyone have any insight as to why mostly guys feel the urge to “let it hang out”?

I have no working Air Conditioning in my car.

So, my left arm is my radiator.

Most men are taller than women, so the window sill is a more comfortable rest than the arm rest of the door.

We’re testing hypotheses about the aerodynamics of various physical & structural configurations as well as pinning down exactly how hairlike structures affect lift and the effect of high wind on their insulating properties. The actual analysis is done using subconscious elements of our brains which means the information obtained will manifest itself as better bowling scores, fly fishing casts, left hooks, etc.

I do it so that when I hoot and whistle at a broad, I can slap the side of my car so she gets a preview of what her ass is in for later.

In general, men’s body language tends to show that they take up space. The stereotypical man gestures more broadly, stands with legs apart. The stereotypical woman tends to gather herself in more and create tighter boundaries around herself. (I can’t cite a scientific study on this, although one motivational women’s speaker talks to women about how to consciously overcome this tendency to create a greater image of power.)

Sticking the arm out the window is just an extension of that territorial need.

If you actually pound the door hard enough to make a dent, she’ll get really turned on!

Let us also not forget the computational fluid dynamics studies that include describing laminar flow at the boundary layer. I believe there is also a study on the correlation between arm hair follicle density as well as keratin polymer cross-sectional diameter and the incidence of melanoma. Obviously, both of these require a large population of male levo-extremis externalis (LEE) behavioral phenotypes. It is incumbent on us to be LEE-ward of such noble pursuits of knowledge, and support them when we can.


Nah, men are not that deep. We do it because we can’t stick our heads out like dogs.

Now, what I don’t get is the people with their arms out when the window is up about an inch or two. I can’t fathom how the glass digging into your arm doesn’t hurt after a couple of minutes.

Having a Trucker’s tan, or a Farmer’s tan is important to our self-image.