Hang on... There are TWO Deschanel?

Do I feel like an idiot. I just watched en episode of Bones and started thinking that I had seen her someplace before. Wasn’t it in that stupid movie Elf? So I applied my IMDb-fu to check and discovered that Emily Deschanel is Bones, whereas her sister Zooey is the one in Elf.
I thought they were the same person - up and coming attractive young actress.

Next you’re going to tell me that the guy loved by France is different from the “Great Balls of Fire,” cousin-marrying guy? :smiley:

Don’t feel too bad. I didn’t realize there were two actors named Fiennes, and just assumed his looks and hair color drastically changed between roles. And that was hardly the first time it had happened.

Their parents are both in the business, too. Mother Mary Jo Deschanel is also an actress, and father Caleb Deschanel is a cinematographer. Both of them worked on my favorite movie, The Right Stuff (Mary Jo played Annie Glenn, John Glenn’s wife).

Yep. The commentary track of Hitchhikers Guide mentions that when Caleb came to the set to visit Zooey, all the cameramen got really nervous and on their best behavior. He appears to be quite well respected.

The Black Stallion, The Natural, Fly Away Home, The Passion of the Christ, even terrible movies like The Patriot have been improved immeasurably by Caleb’s camera work, though he still hasn’t won an Oscar.


And damn she was cute in that movie.

Yes. There are two Deschanels, and they are both hot.

Actually, I’d say that they both have sweet, delicate, hauntingly lovely features. Oh, and they’re hot.

I still confuse the Quaid boys.

I make 'em chew gum and tell them to add 2 + 2!!

Oh crap, I’m killing me here…

The weird thing is that Emily isn’t even 30 yet. I would have put her at near-forty based on her “Bones” promos.


There are FOUR lights!!!

Which would work out to two lights for Emily and two for Zooey.