Hanger Management

Assuming you don’t use your laundry basket as your closet, chances are, you have clothing that you wear on a regular basis hanging on hangers. What do you do with the hangers when you take the clothing off?

  1. Leave them where they are so I know where to find them when I need them.

  2. Gather them in a “hanger waiting area” so I know where to find them when I need them.

  3. Cart them immediately to the laundry area so I know where to find them when I need them.

  4. Depends on my mood and the phase of the moon.

  5. Dunno - my mom takes care of stuff like that.

My answer is 2 with a little bit of 3 thrown in. I’ve never had a full closet - I’m not a great collector of clothes, and I’ve always had fairly large closets. So I pick a convenient stretch of rod as a hanger holding area. When it starts filling up, I’ll take them to the laundry room where they’re at hand as I unload the dryer.

I use plastic hangers - I learned to hate the freebie drycleaner metal ones eons ago, and what few of those we have are consigned to an unused closet until we need to cut one up for an impromptu tool.

I leave mine in the closet.

I’ve a pretty prodigeous collection of clothes which is immediately folded or returned to hangers after being laundered.

I don’t dry my dress shirts as they are expensive and the hot dryer air tends to aid in shortening their lifespan. The shirts are returned to the hangers in the closet to air dry. (This also helps keep the humidity higher in the bedroom during the dry winter months.)

Hangers are thick plastic to keep the clothes in better shape.

But I always keep a few metal wire hangers for the same reason you mentioned; like fishing out my son’s favourite hot wheels from under the fridge, etc…


Wooden hangers for shirts/tops, trouser clips for trousers and skirts. When something is taken off the hanger, the empty one is placed at the end of all the clothes in the closet, with the other spare hangers.

Clothing once washed is line dried, then carried to the bedroom and placed on a hanger (in colour order, though you didn’t ask this!). Our dryer doesn’t work, but I wouldn’t use it anyway.

Oh, and as an added information bonus, ironing is only done when I’m about to wear the item. I hate ironing.

Gee, I thought I was over-organizing by having my clothing grouped by type - tops together, jeans and slacks together, dresses and suits together.

Sorting for my husband by color would be easy. He favors black. If he has half a dozen non-black shirts, I’d be surprised.

There is a part of my closet designated as the “hangar waiting area.” When something comes off a hangar, the hangar goes there. When doing laundry, a load goes in the washer and then when the hamper is returned to the closet, a load of hangars is taken out to go down to the laundry area.

I only started this method recently, but I’m amazed how much happier it makes me to have all my hangars appropriately congregated.

I don’t divide my clothes by color, but by where I wear them: formal stuff in the back, business stuff next, then business casual, then casual near the front. Not sure why, now that I think about it.

My husband and I put the empty hangers in the middle of the closet. I believe that our daughter stashes hers in a box at the bottom of one of her closets. We gather up a bunch of hangers when we put the clothes in the dryer.

We have mostly wire hangers and some plactic ones. I’ve crocheted over quite a few of the wire hangers, to make them a little nicer and to keep my clothes from slipping off of them. People like to get the fancied up ones as gifts, too…I’ve had people ask for them. I just single crochet around a hanger if I watch TV.

In the laundry basket, so when I go to get the clothes out of the dryer, there they are all neat and ready to be used. I hate having to hunt them things down.

Oh, this thread has nothing to do with airplanes.


#1 by the way

I splurged a few years ago and bought the “Huggable Hangers” from QVC (embarrassed look)

Mostly they stay in the closet; I keep about a dozen or so in the laundry area for things I hang up right out of the dryer to avoid wrinkles.


I favor the 2 method. I keep them in the closet to one side of the clothes.

Keep them where they are in the closet, and gather them up if we need them while doing laundry. We just collect how many we think we need from the various closets. Left over hangers stay on the drier. Everything hangable goes on hangers, whether they need to be ironed or not - things that don’t need ironing go right to closets with the stuff in the basket.

I keep them in the middle of the closet - in between the dresses and the shirts - and then once I bring the laundry basket down, I put them on top, and carry the whole thing downstairs. They will then sit on the coffee table until the dryer cycle is done and I hang stuff up directly from basket to hanger while watching TV.

I have all kinds of different types - some plastic, some wire, some wood - I’m an equal opportunity hanger person.

My husband - he just dries and flods his clothes and then leaves them on the dining room table. :rolleyes:

I hang everything up. If I take something off, the hanger stays where it is. Theoretically, it’s so I know where to put them back because I have my closet arranged by sleeve length and pant length, but I’m bad about clothes and they usually end up in a pile on the closet floor. So the hangers (all plastic by the way) come out at laundry time to be used again.

I leave them in the closet. I don’t use the same hangers for the same clothes in the same spot, though: when it’s time to hang stuff up, I grab the first hanger I see and put the article wherever I feel like it.

I have way more hangers than I do clothes (every now and then I purge my clothing, but I don’t think I’ve ever thrown away or donated a hanger!), so the closet in my spare bedroom holds extras. I also have a garment rack in that room, which I use to hold clothes that need to be ironed before they are wearable, and some extra hangers live there, too.

No, that would have been hangar management. :smiley:

Lazy Susan approach works well for us.

Leave them lying around until the wife yells “If you want clean cloths to wear to work this week you better find me some hangers!” Gets them all picked up right quick. Works every time.

Somehow I read the thread title and thought it was about that awful Adam Sandler movie…?