Hanging out with Dan Piraro (of Bizarro fame)

So Dan Piraro came to speak at my work today. if you’re not familiar with his comic, go to www.bizarro.com check out the daily comics. Really funny, irreverant stuff.

Dan put on a pretty interesting show of his work. I guess he’s doing a lot of spoken word performances with puppets, songs and god-knows-what.

My impressions? Smart guy with a LOT of axes to grind. He stopped numerous times during this show to rant about over population, Bush, rebublicans, animal cruelty and more. Which was really pretty incongrous with his otherwise fluffy, funny performance. Made for some awkward moments. I think this is part of what makes him so funny, though. This underlying rage which he channels into his strips. (Not all of his stuff, of course, a lot of his work is just silly)

My department is supposed to be meeting with him this afternoon for a discussion on the challenge of being funny everyday.

Anyone have a question they want me to throw at him?

Gosh, I can’t think of any questions. I just like the way this guy thinks. He’s got an odd sense of humor sometimes, and occasionally has the most silly or random thoughts. But that’s why I like him.

I loved the picture of him dressed as Frida Kahlo.