Hangover avoidance

How can I avoid a holiday hangover?

Any new data on this? Most recent articles I’ve dug up indicate a hangover is mostly due to dehydration, which makes sense to me since 1) I get hangover symptoms when severely dehydrated, and 2) a glass of water for every beer or drink seems to keep hangover away completely.

So whats the scoop?

It seems I’m the first to state the obvious: drink alcohol in moderation.

I’ll just add my bit again about hangover and alcohol withdrawal. I know this is about as popular as the ‘Ed Zotti is Cecil’ theory, but some of the minions may not have enough oppourtunity to use their roll-eyes so here it is.

First a

(http://http://www.thrombosis-consult.com/articles/Textbook/116_alcoholwithdrawl.htm) :

emphasis added

A simple search found these sites: Original in PDF, mainly cites another cited study, This looks a bit new agey, Just a whole bunch of studies ALL noting the connection.

I understand the thinking that a hangover is dehydration, and I won’t post again.

Breath oxygen the morning after you drink. It will help.