Hanky Panky Thong

Have any of you ladies bought this Hanky Panky Thong?

I heard about it on the radio a few times in the last couple of days and they’re saying it is the most comfortable thong ever. I must question it as a consumer before I make my purchase. So, whats the deal with these supposed ab fab undies???

$49 for 3 thongs?? They better be damn fine for that price. :eek:

I’ll stick with my big bag o’granny panties, thanks ever so…

Apparently nobody with hips bigger than 36" exists in Hanky Panky’s world, so no.

I haven’t tried them, and at that price, I’m not likely to. But judging from the picture, the comfy factor is based on the fact that A) They’re made of stretch lace, which has more give than most fabrics, and usually pretty soft. B) The satin covered elastic, for less pinching. and C) They’re low-rise, which reduces the wedgie effect caused by thongs that come higher up on the hip.

There was an article in the Wall Street Journal about the popularity of the 4811 among the rich and the famous about a year ago. These are the 4911.

They sounded like they were worth it. I was thinking of buying some for my wife. If only they could get a thumbs up from The Economist.

Oooh! I want!

The waistband is wide, instead of a little useless string. With a skinny little waistband, I feel like a chunk of pork roast tied up with white butcher’s string. Get rid of the panty line, get a chubb line! What’s the point?

But these look like they won’t have that problem. I’m going to look around for similar ones at better prices, though.

La Senza has a very similar product, as do many department stores … they may be worth trying, as I truly see no difference between those items and the Hanky Panky ones (except for the cute name and the high price!). :slight_smile:

I liketh to thing the Hanky Panky thong!

Thath the twooth! :smiley:

“One size fits most”? I’ve seen those words on underwear before, and falser words were never spoken.

(One time I bought a couple one-size-fits-all bandeau bras, just 'cause I needed something strapless. That was the day I learned that my chest is apparently a lot smaller than average. :frowning: )

It’s cute and I’m sure it’s comfy, but I am a devoted fan to another.

Ladies, I suggest Cosabella (I don’t work for them yadda yadda…). A bit pricey, but not AWFUL. They have a much wider rang of sizes and they are the most comfy thing you can have wedged between your ass :smiley: . Oh, and for the larger ladies (who am I kidding? I’m included in that group, too), Lane Bryant has undies of a VERY similar make that are very nice.

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The picture of Oprah in the ad in the upper left hand corner is enough to put me off these thongs.


Ooooh, let us know if you find any!

Go to a hanes/ bali outlet. They have ones that are almost exactly the same. Last time I visited my mom in Asheville (she works there, yay discount!), I picked up about a dozen pairs, they are the most comfortable thing I’ve ever had. The style number is 2198.

Not sure how I feel about buying undies off of ebay but ive been seeing them at a little better of a price .

I bought some very similar ones at La Senza yesterday. They were on sale, too, 3 for $10.

And very comfortable.

Can you show us where on their website, please?

It isn’t a style I like, but I’m pretty sure I saw similar ones at La Vie en Rose too. I like shopping there - they always have 5/15$ CDN or similar sales, so I can pick a whole bunch of different styles to see what are the most comfortable. Generally, I’m pretty happy with all the thongs I’ve bought there. Also, it’s a chance to get cute but ordinary brief-type panties for certain times-of-the-month when a thong just won’t do! Variety - if you can’t express yourself in your underwear, where can you do it (wait…that doesn’t sound quite right… :smiley: )

I just went through their website and I don’t see them anywhere. I pulled them out of a big SALE bin, though, so it’s probably last season’s styles.

The closest I saw on the website was this style but it’s not quite the same. The ones I found were stretchy lace and a bit more thong-y.