Hannity calls tea-baggers "Tim McVeigh wanna-bees."

I despise Sean Hannity like rat poison but this was clearly a bit of sarcasm taken out of context.

On the other hand, he’s built a career on doctored clips and out of context quotes, so fuck him.

Vulva baggers?

My thought process as I read this thread went something like this:

“He said what?”
“They did WHAT?”
watches video
“Holy shit! He did say that, and they did do that!”
reads RickJay’s post
“Well, that’s a relief.”

Hold that thought while I collect the scattered fragments of my skull?

Umm . . . You might, umm . . . want to, umm . . . wipe off this fragment first. Here’s a Kleenex!

I believe the term you are searching for is “meat curtains.”

You’re welcome.

Poor Sean Hannity having his words misrepresented.

He would never do that.

I agree, in fact I think the cheer turned confused a second so after what he said sunk in.

So, is the OP going to come back and admit he got snookered?

Yet another example of how we all should be as suspicious of stories that re-enforce our political biases as those that go against those biases. And advocacy sites not good primary sources.

OK, I admit it. He was being sarcastic. Doesn’t change my fervent hope that this comes back and haunts him and the Republicans for some time to come.

It’s not so much that I embrace the Democrats. I don’t, totally. I have serious issues with them. But I want the people who ruined my former political party to burn. I want them hounded from their homes and turned out into the wilderness, to be torn to pieces by wild animals. I want their children sold to the Arabs, their crops and homes razed, and their names stricken from all records, never to be spoken of again.

Bitter? No, why do you ask?

Kudos for acknowledging the error.

I think we’re stuck with Hannity and his ilk for the duration, sorry to say.


Delivered in pill form.

silenus, if more Republicans could be like you, and understand that the party is going to complete shit because of these assholes, we might actually have hope for the future.

Agreed. I fully support your effort, Silenus, to rebuild a sane and viable Republican Party. 'Course, soon as that’s done, I’ll turn on you. Nothing personal.

Understood. I’ll kill you cleanly and without malice. :smiley:

'Tis a pity the Libertarians are all insane. Ditto the other third-party-ists. There should be a great draw for a pro-choice, pro-gun, small government but let’s be reasonable about it don’t be a jerk about taxes stay out of other countries if at all possible party.

Ooh, me too. I’ve always wanted to have a non-malicious end.

BTW, there are intelligent Libertarians out there. But they’re too intelligent to join the Tea Partiers or the Party-Formerly-Known-As-Republican.

So, are there actual quotes of Democrats or liberals calling tea partiers McVeigh wannabes, or is he pulling that out of his ass? For some reason, I have a feeling it is the latter.

Oh I dunno, I think making jokes about McVeigh is funny! Like this!

Ugh, that’s the 2nd time in reading comments about this issue that someone has linked to that picture while making it seem like it was something else. And seeing as I cannot look at that picture without crying, I don’t appreciate it at all. Seriously, I’d rather have someone spoof-link to goatse than a dead baby.