This has gotta be an April Fool's Joke...right?

Hannity calls a crowd of Tea Partiers “Tim McVeigh wannabes.” They cheer.

I could have put this disgusting shit in any number of threads, but it doesn’t deserve to be buried on the umpteenth page of “Stupid Republican Idea of the Day” or “Teabagger classlessness.”

I’m just hoping it’s fake, but there’s video, so if it is, it’s a damned elaborate April Fool’s joke. These people are utterly abhorrent, and the Republican party is not only endorsing them, they’re embracing and provoking them.

Hannity, Palin, Bachman…they’re the mouthpieces of the New Republicans, and it’s growing increasingly likely that they want sedition and terrorism.

Relevent thread…which I’m not sure how you missed.

Not sure how I missed it either. Probably was still seeing red when I looked at the front page. Reporting this to get it closed.