Hannity calls tea-baggers "Tim McVeigh wanna-bees."

And they cheer. :rolleyes:

This should come back to haunt every Repug that courted these nutballs come November, and haunt the party until it goes the way of the Know-Nothings Party, which they are starting to resemble.

Heh. You know, for a moment there I thought Hannity had experienced a moment of clarity.

About nine seconds. But it was a hell of a nine seconds. :smiley:

WTF is wrong with these people?? God damn it, I swear, not a day goes by that these shit-stained animal fuckers don’t do something that drives one more nail into the coffin of political sanity. NOW they cheer a mass murdering terrorist?

Sean Hannity is sucking them off. Are they the mainstream of the Republican Party yet? Do they speak for the GOP?

More importantly, wasn’t Tim McVeigh known for ironically threatening violence as a rhetorical device, and isn’t in the case that anyone who would suspect him of violent actions or intent is a goddamned moron?

He kind of tricked them though… when he says “these tea party people” they start to cheer, and then he appends “Tim McVeigh wannabes” after they’ve already started cheering. It’s pretty hard for an entire crowd to stop cheering once they’ve started, ya know. I bet there were a lot of "wait, what did he say?"s after it sunk in a few moments later.

I’m going to have to call “bullshit” on this. The video cuts away from him, but more important: it makes no sense. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that someone edited it, KOS posted it, because they will post anything anti-conservative, and the liberal throngs will cheer and laugh. I also predict that when it’s shown to be other than it appears, some will laugh even harder saying April Fools!".

I Think he was being ironic, the proper quote would be like you “wannabe timothy Mcveighs” ( as in the librul media believes you are that)

Even if the video hasn’t been edited - and I admit it might be - the crowd starts cheering before he says “Tim McVeigh wannabees.” It would be terrific RO if they were cheering at being called terrorists, but they simply were not.

Furthermore, earlier i nthe interview, Hannity has used the term to note that Tea Party folks were being called “Tim McVeigh wannabees” by “liberals,” so he clearly meant it ironically on second reference. Here is the earlier quote:

Bingo. Not bullshit, not edited; an attempt at sarcasm that he’s now going to have to go back and explain any time someone calls him on it. Funny that if people are really going around calling Teapartiers “Tim McVeigh wannabes”, this is the first time I’ve heard it. One might think it’s a bit of manufactured outrage. Brilliant work as usual, Hannity.

Right. He’s mocking the tea party’s critics. He had made a comment earlier, one or two days before, I think, saying about the tea partiers:

Then, a few days before that, on his FOX show, he was talking to Charlie Gasparino, and the conversation went:

So, yeah, it’s sarcasm on his part.

You want the tea-baggers destroyed? Pray for them to grow. Sooner or later, the fight to control them will break out, right about the time they set down to define the issues that totally unite them, and then to prioritize which of them are most urgent, and which can wait for another round or two. And the bigger they are, the more insane the fight will be.

Ok, enough posters seemed to be taking this seriously that I started the clock again while I did some Googling. Apparently this happened two days ago, so…it’s not an April Fools’ joke?

Fuck me running.

They’ve already splintered.

… and the splintering is already on Youtube!
Life of Brian - Shoe Prophesy

I saw some guy on CNN advising people not to donate to the RNC any more (in light of money being spent at lesbian fetish clubs and such), while speaking positively about the teabaggers, which made me laugh a little.

So, the lesbian tea-baggers will break off?

Break off what?

Sounds like a hardware malfunction.

Bullshit! Software issue, clearly. Consult your vendor and don’t call back.