I bought a copy of this some time ago because it was on sale and I love Phillip Seymour Hoffman. After seeing it mentioned a couple of times here, I finally got around to watching it. Whoa. I loved it. Disturbing but great. So, a few points and questions:

I fell for all the misdirection! When PSH was talking about wanting to tie up and rape a woman and his therapist was mentally listing the groceries he needed to pick up, I totally felt like the therapist was well-adjusted and a regular family guy. Not so much. :eek: [I did realize that his shooting the people in the park was a dream.]

Then I fell for the PSH/Camryn Manheim thing. I thought, here he is, unable to relate to women except anonymously or to someone unattainable. He needs to date the available and attainable regular girl who is clearly interested in him. Not so much. :eek:

And Cynthia Stevenson was great–“Joy just doesn’t **have it all ** like we do”.

And then, for Lara Flynn Boyle to be recommending PSH to Joy at the end!! But he’s just not Trish’s type.

Do you think that when the boy cried when his dad tells him he wouldn’t fuck him, he would jerk off instead, that he was crying because his dad wasn’t interested in fucking him? Earlier he had worried that he wasn’t normal like other boys; it felt like he was crying out of disappointment and despair that his dad didn’t see him like other boys?? His dad was so matter-of-fact about what he had done that the boy didn’t seem upset by that.

Why did the boy announce to his family that he had finally come? Was it because his dad had never censored what he said to him and he felt like he didn’t need to hide anything sexual?

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Oh, I loathe this movie, mostly because of this scene. Anywho, yeah, that was my impression, that the kid was crying because he thought his dad wasn’t attracted to him.