Happy 91st Birthday to Lloyd the Bartender from The Shining


He is a great actor and even better in an earlier Kubrick film The Paths of Glory.

Happy Birthday, Joe!

Joe Turkel

If he used Method Acting to prepare for the role in The Shining, he’ll probably still be around in another 91 years.

I love him as Mr. Tyrell in Blade Runner. He’s wonderfully creepy.

Sometimes when I go into a business and it’s deserted, I’ll say “a little slow tonight, idn’t it, Lloyd?” No one’s recognized the reference yet, but I live in hope.

“Your credit’s no good here Mr. Torrance.”

Personally I’ve always liked the performance of the waiter who spills the drink on Jack when he realizes that he is the former caretaker of the Overlook, something so creepy and unnerving in his performance and the way he delivers his dialogue with such formality despite the horror of who he is and what he is saying.

Joe Turkel’s been in plenty of films. I was surprised to find that he had a part in the Bert I. Gordon cheapie Tormented that was very properly skewered by MST3K. When they put that film on one of their DVDs, as an extra they invited Turkel in and interviewed him about it.

He also had a big part in Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing. and he played the sheriff in the wonderfully awful Bert I. Gordon film Village of the Giants. for some reason, a lot of his film appearances were uncredited.

Philip Stone

I agree. He was so nonchalantly racist and homicidal.

He was also in A Clockwork Orange, Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom and Thunderball.