Happy birthday baby girl!

My eldest child’s birthday is today. Ten years ago I went to the hospital late on Christmas day in the middle of a snowstorm. My husband was so scared of impending fatherhood he dropped his keys in a drifting pile of slush before we left. A decade later there’s a full fledged amazing and wonderful person in the house.

My sweetie pi loves math, cats, Lemony Snicket books and telling the silliest knock-knock jokes she can dig up. She’s a committed vegetarian, a fan of the color purple and a firm believer that all can be made well in this world if only you work hard and have enough kisses. The little thing that was once tiny enough to fit in two hands is now tall enough to just about look me in the eye.

Happy birthday to my favorite ten year old! I look forward to spending the rest of my life enjoying your wonderful company.

What a wonderful Christmas present for you to enjoy over and over again! :slight_smile:

Birthday hugs for your little one!

See sounds like a great kid! Hope she has a wonderful birthday.

Aw happy birthday! My Bella’s birthday was yesterday too. She turned eight.

Happy Birthday. My twins turned 8 on xmas eve (with a separate bday party of course :wink: )