Happy Birthday, BunnyGirl!

Now we’re the same age!

Hope you’re having a good one, and I hope you take your new red boots out for a good birthday celebration tonight!


Doh! Thanks for catching that, Persephone.

Happy Birthday, BunnyGirl! {{{Birthday hug from Arizona}}}

how’s come you didn’t mention that at lunch???
you coulda been wearing a tiara back to you office!!! (or at least had some fun little toy)…

happy b’day.

Well, I don’t like to advertise too much. Thanks for the birthday wishes, all.

Actually, we went out to Sir Pizza for dinner - I’m not a big “celebration” person. Hubby got me a Maxfield Parrish calendar (my favorite artist) and a “Stanley Do-It Yourself Hints and Tips” desktop calendar for at work. The last one is actually pretty funny cause I’m the one whose the Mrs. Fix-it around the place and he always teases me about it.

An added bonus is a $25 gift certificate at Barnes & Noble that he got because he called the manager to complain about bad service and the guy sent that to him. Whoo-hoo! Books, here I come!

We’re off to Chicago this weekend! Art Institute and the Field Museum. Hooray!

Happy birthday, BunnyGirl! We could have wished you well in person at the Thai place wednesday!