Happy Birthday, Elijah Wood!

Happy 23rd, and congrats on the Oscar nods (pass that one on to your colleagues)! May you be blessed and infinitely happy on this and every day. The best of luck to your and your coworkers at the Oscars.


Does he post here?

Uh…not that I know of…I was just trying to send out a happy message…I’m sorry…

That’s alright.

This thread is better suited for Cafe Society. I’ll move it for you.

Cajun Man
for the SDMB

Really? It’s that important? Quite frankly, I’m surprised I’ve not been locked for being too mundane for MPSIMS. ::shrugs:: Thanks!

Dang hamsters…meant to add:

“No offence meant, of course.”

I still can’t believe he’s the same little boy from Radio Flyer and Huck Finn! He was so cute-in that adorable pinch-your-cheeks-big-blue-eyes-too-long-hair way.

Happy Birthday to him. Cute lil hobbit :slight_smile:

I presume that Elijah Wood fans caught the recent CBS re-showing of Deep Impact, where he plays the teenage boy amateur astronomer who discovered the World Destroying Menace of that particular movie. (I think he’s in danger of being typecast! ;))

Yes, but how many caught The War this past Sunday?

Me neither, but I was distracted by his snazzy velvet suit at the Golden Globes.

Other celebrities born on the same day as Elijah Wood:

I note that Alan Alda is among those who shares the little ringbearer’s birthday.