Happy Birthday Noone Special!

Yom Huledet Same’ach!

Don’t eat all the cake. Don’t fall into the cake. Don’t let the cake explode in your face. Don’t let the lady in the cake get out, before your wife is out of the room.

Otherwise: Have a great Birthday. :slight_smile:

Gum, you been taking advantage of your country’s liberal substance laws?

I never knew there was so much fun to be had with cake … B’day happiness, Noone Special. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday to the guy who reminds me of lunch!

Happy Birthday, No one Special!

Wishing you a good day, a good year and a great life. :slight_smile:

hehehehehe roger thornhill:slight_smile: Now what would those be? innocent

Thanks! Toda Raba!!
There was supposed to be a lady in the cake? I think Customs must have confiscated her :eek:

You too :smiley:
Wait – weren’t you supposed to be the lady in my cake? :wink:

And thank you to everyone else in the thread, too - roger thornhill, Ice Wolf, Batsinma Belfry, Khadaji, and any future respondents :slight_smile:

dusts cake off rump, picks icing roses out of hair, puts nose in the air and huffs off to take a shower

Happy birthday Noonespecial !Have a beer (or the drink of your choice) for me !

You can jump out of *my * cake anytime, babe. Men are so unappreciative.

Happy birthday, Dani. 'Till 120.

Ta, love! Chocolate cheesecake, just for you. :wink:

No, no, no! Chocolate cheesecake is an abomination unto cheesecake. All plain, please, with strawberry topping.

Come back here, Kyth, you missed a spot! I’ll lick it off for you :smiley:

I’ll take two cakes please, the “Chocolate Kytheria” and the “Strawberry Anaamika
What? I’ll be sick to my stomach in the morning? Nah… I can handle both of 'em :wink:

Old man, you’ll have a heart attack. Lie down and take it easy.

Well, you’re 25 days late, but what the heck:

Happy Birthday, Pete!! Who’d believe you’re 58? And yes, you are Special!

Happy B-day, to one of the least appropriately named Dopers.


Happy Birthday, Noone Special! (you’re special around here, y’know)

Many happy returns, Noone Special. Mmmm… cake…