Tell me about the best birthday you've ever seen

I was looking online for speciality birthday cakes and I need a site with a lot of pictures to consider. I was thinking of having a giant cake in the shape of a cheeseburger. What are the best ideas for a birthday cake?

My wife printed a picture off the Internet (what’s that?) and took it to Albertson’s. They duplicated it on some kind of horrid sugar-paper and put in on my kid’s birthday cake. Call around. I’m sure someone has that technology in your neck of the woods. Hell, I live in the middle of a dry lake bed!

The sky is the limit, baby!

Overheard at the Club: “Axl Rose? Who the hell is that fat, old Queen?”

For my 40th birthday, my wife arranged a surprise party with all my friends hiding in the house while a decoy friend delayed me until they were ready.

She’d ordered a cake with writing on it, ending with “To a special guy!” However, for some reason, perhaps because I have a unisex first name that could apply to either gender, the cake place chickened out and left off the last word.

Naturally this was not discovered until, as everyone gathered round, the cake was uncovered for candles to be put on it. I was known to be on my way home at that point. So under great time pressure, my wife got out the cake-decorating kit and scrawled “guy” on the end of the message. At that point, I was coming down the sidewalk, so the lights in the house were turned off to avoid giving the game away.

I entered, and was completely surprised by the shouts of all my friends! But not NEARLY as surprised as I was to find a large cake bearing the inscription:

“To a special gay!”

She’d closed the top of the “u” by accident.

It’s been three years; I just had my 43rd birthday – and it’s abundantly clear I’m going to be kidded about it for the foreseeable future. :smiley:


Well, here are some pretty fabulous cakes. I mean, really, really amazing stuff. If you’re thinking of making it yourself, though, Wilton has all sorts of pans and other project ideas.

Me? I just want a donut cake.