Happy Birthday Polycarp!

Today ( Nov 7th ) is Polycarp’s birthday. I believe that he is now 25. :cool: Everybody take a moment to wish all the best to the SDMB’s premier theologian and all around nicest guy!

Happy Birthday Poly!

Happy Birthday Polycarp!!

Are you seriously 25?

Cheers, Polycarp. Happy Birthday!

Happy Polycarp Day!


Now go out and do something uncharacteristic of you to celebrate!
looks around for ice cream

Happy Birthday Polycarp! I don’t mind you being that much smarter than me, unless of course you’re that much smarter than me and only twenty freakin’ five, in which case I hope your birthday sucks.

Happy birthday, Polycarp!

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Happy birthday, bro! It figures you’d be born nearly a month earlier, too.

Your little sister.

Super happy happy Poly! Hope it’s a colossally great one!

Natal felicitations to my favorite Episcopalian.


Happy Day, Poly. May it exceed your wildest expectations!


Happy birthday, Polycarp.

Happy birthday, Polycarp! One of the definite pleasures of hanging around this zoo for the past four years has been that of knowing you.

Happy Birthday Polycarp don’t get thrown out of any carriages.

Happy birthday, Polycarp.

So are you gonna tell us what presents you got? Huh? Huh?

Polycarp should justify his wishy-washy once-a-year stance on birthdays; either he should have one every day, in which case I will criticise him for being greedy, or he should have none at all ever, which would also be clearly wrong and he would feel the cutting edge of my rapier-like intellect.

Happy birthday Poly.

All the best, Poly.


You’re a remarkable human being, and an inspiration to me personally. I’ve only got a couple of dreams left, and meeting you is one of them.

Hope your day has been as wonderful as you are!

Much love,