Happy Birthday, President Obama!

President Obama turns 51 this Saturday, August 4. Happy Birthday! :smiley:

I know his birthday because he shares it with my wife. She’s older than he is though. For her, we’re having dinner at the Great American Rib Company here in Bangkok. If President Obama were here, he would be invited.

Cool. I’ll have to remember this and stick it on FB. Make it all gushy and piss on my wingnut friends.

I’ll be doing this too.

Maybe we can make this thread where we all tally up how many wingnut friends we can coax into removing us from their friends list.

It’s on my calendar. No, seriously–it always lists the birthdays (and death days) of Presidents. Pepsi must be very patriotic.

Or paid assassins.

God I feel old, now that I’m older than the freakin’ President!:frowning:

But Happy Birthday, Mr. President! You whippersnapper you.

Yes, President Obama is the first US president who’s younger than both the wife and me. I consider that a milestone.

Dunno about the president, but the wife had a very good birthday. Got her presents, then we saw The Dark Knight Rises in Imax, then Woody Allen’s To Rome, with Love in 3D – no, wait, that wasn’t in 3D – then stuffed ourselves silly with ribs. There are several really good American rib joints in Thailand. You’d be surprised.